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Inventory of things that are not price increases within ten years

Inventory things China Unicom buy a house

touzijie· 2016-06-24 00:22:53

prices rise, rents rose, rose, rose subway bus, however, very careful in reckoning Xiaobian found that there was something not to rise! There is not even up or down? Do not believe? Come and see what magical things!!!

a few years ago to more than 2 thousand points or more than 2 thousand points now, what it has, as we all know, how many is it "pa" of the light! Life is so hard that some lies are better not to be exposed!

will receive a marriage certificate of 9 yuan of money, is now in Beijing to receive a marriage certificate is free! But the cost of marriage is Xu hissing up to … …

today, China Unicom and other mobile communication enterprises growing, according to the user's business activities, is more affordable. Although it is said to be more expensive than abroad, but I still get the benefits of the people.

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a lot of daily food, there are some things that do not rise in price. Such as bags of soy sauce, rice wine, ordinary salt, the same as 10 years ago, or about 1~1.2 yuan per bag.

popping candy, lollipop, sugar plum, or the price, or the child good taste!

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many people also proposed: "2 yuan lottery did not rise quickly to buy lottery tickets. "But someone immediately retorted:" although the lottery did not rise, but now in 5 million, after tax, don't want to buy a house in Beijing sanhuan. "

10 years ago, the car is called" luxury ", make the most of Chinese are miles away. Now the car price is not expensive, the car is also more, is more blocked!

had a one thousand or two thousand yuan ticket, perhaps now two hundred or three hundred yuan will be able to get the discount tickets, in the fire, on the Internet can find 88% off special offer tickets, train tickets are cheaper than. All in all, the airline ticket is becoming more and more popular.

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the rate of wage growth will never match the speed of soaring prices!

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