Microsoft's new game compatible with "Hi Fi" VR, but will not develop VR helmet

Microsoft development game machine

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Microsoft said the new game machine does not need to be updated every year hardware, will not enter the pendulum mode.

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at this year's E3 Conference On the SONY show some upcoming games, Microsoft not only released a smaller Xbox One physical S, also announced that it will launch Project Scorpio in 2017, the game supports 4K, a substantial upgrade to the existing game machine. SONY will upgrade to PlayStation 4, but so far very tight lipped, did not disclose how many messages.

Microsoft and SONY, it describes the specifications of the system to the outside world, this decision may bring risks, Microsoft even asserted that Scorpio will become a game machine by far the most powerful". When the new generation of game consoles, the design will often change, in between the two generation of products is a new technology to enhance the new thing.

Microsoft Xbox service general manager David Macarthy (Dave McCarthy) said in an interview at the E3 booth:" as a platform for manufacturers, has been one of the most difficult things to do: innovation, at the same time without sacrificing compatibility. Each update will make a difficult decision: will not lead to the user's game can not play?"

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"yesterday, we are very excited, because we have to jump out of the generation of products limited. Scorpio Project can support the 4K game, we move forward a meaningful step forward. As a game player, you don't need to worry, because you already have the game on One Xbox, this year as well as the future purchase of the game can be used in all devices, including One Xbox, One S Xbox and Scorpio. We are not always able to do this when the product update is low, and this time we have achieved a great change." Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

in addition to supporting the 4K game, Microsoft also tells the public that Scorpio Project is compatible with "Hi Fi" VR. So Scorpio Project is compatible with existing VR helmets, such as Rift HTC and Vive Oculus? Can be used in other products on it? Microsoft has not given the answer. Mccarthy said, on this issue, to see who will cooperate. Microsoft will reveal more details later in the evening. Style=

Microsoft is developing AR helmet HoloLens. In last year's E3 conference, Microsoft shows the HoloLens, put on the table AR version of Minecraft. Xbox 2016 in the booth, HoloLens did not appear, but the product is still continuing to develop. Mccarthy said: the team focused on the development of the version of HoloLens research and development. We will support VR, AR and MR (mixed reality), this commitment has not changed, HoloLens will become part of it."


Windows 10 game is another direction of

Xbox; "there is another development direction: Windows 10. Microsoft tried to Play Anywhere (anywhere can play) theme games and PC games together, so that after the game player who purchased Xbox digital version of the game, do not need extra money you can get the same games on PC. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

multiplayer game requires cross platform operation, game storage data also need to transfer between different devices. In other words, if you play the game on the game, and then go to PC to play, you can continue before the operation. There is a problem in the Windows 10 to play games, download speed is very slow, some of the quality of the game is not good, many players are not satisfied. Mccarthy admits Xbox needs to solve this problem, Microsoft is constantly learning. Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

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clearly, Microsoft is trying to change the perception of the game. If you have ever bought a Xbox 360 will know that in a long period of time (8 years) without any improvement in quality. This time is not the same, if you need HDR, you need 4K Blu ray player, you can buy One S Xbox. By the end of 2017 when the end of the holiday sales season, you can also buy code named "Scorpio Project" of the game, its performance is more powerful, support for 4K games and high-end VR. Style=

if we are not ready to upgrade how to do? No problem, Xbox director Phil Spencer (Spencer Phil) said: the game will have a different version, you can run on One Xbox, One S Xbox, but also support Scorpio." Microsoft may accelerate the speed of the game machine, but also to facilitate the user to upgrade. Style=

developers are used to develop PC games, running in different hardware specifications on Spencer that, in the game on different Xbox game development does not have what problem. He also said: the development of a game, the real play of the performance of different hardware, which is part of the development of the third part of the ecological system, while targeting Windows and game developers are part of the ecosystem."



Microsoft actively promote the new game forward, does not mean that it will be faster launch game. "If you want to buy a new cell phone, you can buy new every year. This is what consumers want. In the field of the game, we are not willing to enter this model." Spencer said, the next turning point will be 4K, we want to ensure that there is a game machine support 4K, it is Scorpio. We do not want the hardware into the pendulum mode, that is, every 2 years or 1 years on the launch of the game, so that users upgrade. Game mode is not like this." Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

"when we go out to talk with VR developers." Spencer said, "developers told us that if you want to provide VR game experience, they hope the performance and hardware equipment speed up to 6 trillion times, obviously, today's consoles (including PS4 and Xbox One) cannot be reached." SONY gave Microsoft a punch, the upcoming Playstation VR can support Playstation 4 standard edition. Style=

Spencer insists that the VR experience provided by today's gaming machines is not a standard game. The game machine can run 2D "Doom" and "radiation", PS4 and Xbox One can do it, but they cannot run a game with a high frame rate, stereo version." Spencer explained, on the one hand is the size of the market, like the formation of a huge scale, on the other hand is the customer's expectations, we do not want to force VR to make a compromise between the two." So, the future of the Xbox game and all the One Xbox system is compatible, but the VR game can only run on Scorpio.

" VR the best innovation source is PC." Spencer said, "I think the developers will continue to focus on PC, because it is a good source of innovation. We're going to do it...... Is to bring some PC innovation to the field of the game, when the Scorpio launched to strengthen its magic experience." Style=

when you experience VR on Scorpio Project, what devices are wearing on your head? Spencer did not say, only know not from Microsoft helmet. Spencer said: "at present, our focus is not the first party VR helmet equipment." He doesn't say Scorpio may use a helmet which, just said Microsoft hopes to "let more hardware manufacturers get progress." Style= margin-bottom: "20px line-height:; 1.75em

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