Japan and China battle weapon to strengthen the Diaoyu Islands?

The Diaoyu Islands Japan and China.

mierjunshi· 2016-04-20 03:54:28

< p > the Diaoyu Islands Dispute after the upgrade, Japan wantonly spread the "China Threat Theory", and use this as an excuse the bulk purchase of advanced weapons, frequently with the United States including seize the island exercise, joint military exercises, adjusting its military deployment, in the presence of the Diaoyu Islands and Miyako waterways, such as the strategic military to strengthen. At the beginning of the Japan Air Self Defense Force "the 9th aviation regiment" was established at the army base in Naha, Okinawa; March 28, Japan's defense ministry announced, and the island of continental self defense force base was formally established, about 160 people coastal surveillance forces has been stationed in the base; April 16, the Japanese coast guard in Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki port held "the Diaoyu Islands special team system" completion ceremony. Establish the idea of "Diaoyu Islands garrison designed team

2012, Noda cabinet in after the failure of the election of the house of representatives had to step down, but plans to build "Diaoyu Islands garrison college team and not ended. The newly established Abe cabinet in the budget, released in January 2013 officially announced: "will in the next 3 years, the establishment of a dozen large patrol composed of the size of the 600 people in the Diaoyu Islands guard special team". The 12 large patrol vessels, including 2 small and large patrol boats and 10 large patrol boats in the country's first class patrol ship. Large helicopter

moreover, to help the United States to implement the Asia Pacific rebalancing strategy. With the United States to continue to promote the Asia Pacific rebalancing strategy, the U.S. military is seeking to further strengthen the military presence in the Asia Pacific region, and strive to deploy forces in the broader space. With the revision and implementation of the "Japan US defense cooperation guidelines", the United States hopes Japan can convert security policy. Its core content is asked Japan to lift the Constitution Applied military bondage and assist the United States in the Asia Pacific security structure play a greater role. And Abe is spotted in demand in the United States, active relaxation of arms export ban collective self-defense, strengthening the Japan US alliance, attempted to intervene in the South China Sea Affairs.... Therefore, said from some kind of degree of Japanese intensive southwest islands of defense deployment, for the purpose of the blockade of the Chinese navy in the East China Sea within, to prevent their entry into the Pacific, help the United States to create "encirclement of China".

in addition, to seek the development of autonomous military forces, to promote the self defense forces to overseas. To ban the right to self-defense, self-defense exercise military functions is that Andouble came to power has been in the main content deliberately plan to promote. After the security bill was forced through, Andouble next step will begin to amend the constitution ninth, a thorough change in the post war has been adhering to the basic national policy. In order to appease the domestic public due to the economic downturn, the formation of the discontent of life, Prime Minister Andouble continued to show off force in order to enhance their support rate. Therefore, do not rule out the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea issue with the Andouble administration, provoking the security situation may escalate. This also means that the Abe government intensive armament, purpose is not to protect the security of Japan, but to promote the SDF to go overseas.

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