Baby allergy? Come and look at the ten big killers "!

Baby allergy breast feeding disease

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more and more children suffering from allergies, the culprit is what? In fact, allergies are not only related to genetics, more research shows that: Allergy and environmental pollution, passive smoking, food additives, as well as the use of food additives, such as the use of antibiotics and other closely related. Support /

expert Xiang Li (deputy director and director of Department of allergy Beijing Children's Hospital physician

) today, infant allergy has become one of the most public health concern around the world, known as non infectious diseases in twenty-first Century the most popular.

back, find the source of allergy, can effectively prevent it close to the child's footsteps. Together to see the cause of children allergic to the "ten killer"!

TOP1: more and more cesarean section baby

carefully care of the baby out of the baby! Clinical study of

, with no family history of allergy cesarean section, the allergy risk increased by 23%, and for a family history of allergy of cesarean section baby allergy risk will increase 3 times.

this is because cesarean section is not conducive to the development and maturation of the baby's immune system: the baby has no contact with the mother's normal flora, the use of antibiotics in the production process, cesarean section will delay breastfeeding and so on.

this series of factors will delay the birth of the newborn after the birth of the intestinal flora healthy flora, the baby's immune function development than the natural baby, the risk of allergies will increase accordingly.


: the abuse of antibiotic misuse of medicine is not a trifling matter, and eat and treasure!

children have a fever, antibiotic became fever artifact in the eyes of many parents".

not only applies to antibiotics caused by bacteria and other microorganisms part of inflammation, of influenza virus is not only ineffective, beneficial bacteria will kill the body of a child, increase the risk of anaphylaxis.

in addition, during the use of antibiotics, widespread use of non-standard phenomena, such as the doctor asked for 5 days, had 3 days of symptoms brought on the withdrawal, the result is that was not completely kill the bacteria, drug resistance occurs, will lead to the occurrence of allergy.

antibiotic is not a panacea, do not use the time need not, to use on the use of a course of treatment, and to be appropriate to supplement probiotics, can reduce the probability of allergies.

TOP3: after the birth of the first milk is to accept the formula

milk, or "original" good! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" contrary to natural feeding methods will artificially increase the probability of children suffering from allergies.

milk is the baby's common first allergen , while most of the common formula is improved by milk.

after the birth of the first week of contact with ordinary milk formula milk formula, the risk is 4 times the risk of breast feeding infants. This is because the

protein structure and breast milk in the milk of different immune system protein in breast milk to the baby is "own", while the ordinary formula milk protein is seen as a foreign baby, some babies will produce excessive immune response to it, the baby was born with intestinal development does not mature, it is easy to cause allergies.

first try to feed, birth of the first 4 months of the best pure breast-feeding, breast-feeding before not to disinfect the nipple, is the key to reducing allergies.

TOP4: the excessive use of disinfectants and cleaning agents

mom, go to treat you "severe obsessive"!

in the pursuit of home is too clean, the quantity of bacteria in the environment that is too small, resulting in the human immune system to accept normal stimulation to reduce the chances that the immune system in a dormant state, will hinder the normal development of the baby's immune system. The excessive use of

disinfectant, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, will lead to the disinfectant during use in a child's skin, if the children eat a hand or grab things to eat, will eat the disinfectant.

will take the intestinal disinfectant if things go on like this, natural kill bacteria and cause intestinal dysbacteriosis caused allergy.

in addition, now a wide variety of cleaning supplies are chemicals, with volatility, it is possible to make the child allergic symptoms.

clean is good, do not have to be sterile. Let the disinfectant away from the child, you can reduce the risk of allergies. In addition, with fewer chemical cleaning supplies and air fresheners and deodorizers.

TOP5: junk food side effects

eat snacks to grow up the child, are "fat"! Class=

your baby love to eat foreign fast food, all kinds of deep processed snacks?

Italy researchers found that junk food may reduce the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut, so people tend to suffer from asthma, eczema and other allergies.

because of the human intestinal tract has trillions of beneficial microorganisms, their presence can help digestion, reduce inflammation, resist pathogen risk, while the number of red meat, sugar, oil, additives and other food will cut the beneficial microorganisms, easily lead to allergies.

was to develop healthy eating habits and try to give the baby to eat ham, sausage, potato chips, Orange Juice, carbonated drinks contain large amounts of food additives in food.

TOP6: early supplementation

dream cannot be imposed on children, no food!

6 months ago in addition to all food except milk and formula milk, and some parents will imperceptibly give children a "passive" add some things to eat, common is a variety of supplements, such as calcium.

in fact, many nutritional supplements added to improve the taste of a variety of complex components, there are some skim milk powder, maltodextrin, so imperceptibly, children will add a lot of food "passive".

the food easily by the immune system as a "foreign invaders", so as to take drastic means to get rid of, cause allergic reaction.

for a baby within 6 months, in addition to breast fed children need to supplement vitamin D, the other do not need to add anything.

TOP7: second-hand smoke and pollution of the weather

cherish the baby, away from second-hand smoke!

, a study found that there will be 70% even in healthy people in the nasal plug, dry nose, runny nose and other symptoms of fog and haze, air pollution has become the major pathogenic factors cause nasal diseases, not to mention the child?

in addition, the risk of children suffering from eczema and other skin diseases during pregnancy is higher in children exposed to secondhand smoke.

during pregnancy, pregnant mother to avoid exposure to secondhand smoke, of newborn babies living environment to avoid various harmful odor stimuli, including second-hand smoke, perfume, mosquito repellent, paint smell.

TOP8: genetic parents allergies

genetic allergies, which are life!

allergy hidden in the genetic code, parents zygotes, decided the baby is not allergic.

usually father or mother of which one side has allergies, the baby has a 30% chance of being genetic; if the couple have allergies, there will be about 80% of the probability of having allergies baby.

however, even if Mom and dad are not allergic constitution, or it is possible to give birth to the baby allergic constitution, because the allergic gene is hidden in the DNA.

TOP9: and pet close contact

pet is the allergen! Class= img_box "

many parents like to keep pets, so that children and pets to play together.

do not know, not only food, pollen, dust is a common allergen, but also looks lovely pets may also be allergic to allergens. A survey of Japanese

medical researchers, 1 years of age in children living in cats and rabbits and other animal family, can significantly increase the probability of suffering from allergic dermatitis.

in China, allergic rhinitis and asthma patients is the important allergens of dog and cat fur pet hair.

in order to avoid the occurrence of allergic diseases, there are less than 1 years old children's family, it is best not to raise cats, rabbits and other pets in the room.

TOP10: vitamin D deficiency within six months of

, only vitamin D!

baby vitamin D deficiency may be risk factors for allergic disease, so, after the baby is born, under the guidance of a doctor to give the baby a vitamin D supplement.

now, with the research of allergic diseases in-depth, clinicians allergic to improve the early diagnosis, and through health education to enable parents to raise awareness of the risk of allergy, so early diagnosis of children's allergic rate higher than before, but your mom and dad still have to carefully protect the baby, to prevent allergies oh!

source: parents must read magazine in 2016 fifth

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