The mosquito small coup, safe and effective

Coup pharmacy moxibustion permethrin

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as the temperature gradually increased, gradually began to mosquito infested, there are several small North coup can let you turned mosquito Master.

1, a small mosquito mosquito coup coup:

the mosquito repellent orange red small coup, safe and effective method to

light and strong orange red cellophane in the bulb, mosquitoes will not fly over! Because of the fear of mosquitoes orange light, it can produce the repellent effect.

method two: Orange bulb can be installed in the room, for example, put on a red orange light in the bedroom.

2, anti mosquito small coup:

put a pot in the bedroom will avoid mosquito

Mint mint smell. Summer, you can raise a pot of mint in the bedroom.

3, a small coup:


lit dried orange peel, dried orange peel instead of mosquito repellent mosquito repellent incense, both indoors and can eliminate odor repellent.

4, anti mosquito small coup:

can be installed in empty bottles in the beer bottle with thick syrup, mosquitoes love sweet taste, you will be drilling in the beer bottles, finally stuck or drowned.

5 and

went out to avoid mosquito small coup:

in the mosquito infested period to avoid mosquito infested pattern in time (at 7-9, 4 pm to dusk) stay in the shade, trees, shade Pavilion.

6, a small coup mosquito:

spray diluted Huoxiangzhengqi water

according to City Express reported that the Department of Dermatology of Tianjin Hospital director Jia Jianqin said that if the smell can be repellent, spray the diluted Huoxiangzhengqi water in the body, or the herb incense, Perrin and other traditional Chinese medicine in the sachet hanging on the bed or carry.

7, an effective mosquito repellent:

kindling mugwort

can be dried wormwood aged after the smoked lit room, or Moxa Moxibustion can also use. Leaves can do moxibustion in Chinese medicine theory, relative to the harm of mosquito repellent incense, spray and other products on the human body is much smaller, but also one of the items really can repel mosquitoes.

AI leaves in the pharmacy can buy.


: effective mosquito repellent mosquito lamp according to health times, Xinqiao Hospital Emergency Department of Third Military Medical University and Professor Ren Shizhong reminded, in order to avoid mosquito smoked down oneself, can choose the mosquito lamp.

is a kind of mosquito mosquito lamp products to shock the way to kill mosquitoes, mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes based on sensitivity to specific wavelengths, and then use the external high-voltage power grid will be an instant kill mosquitoes. The use of smokeless tasteless and low power consumption, is a good choice of the mosquito.

can be used at night. Best placed above the knee, and not more than 180 cm from the ground, which is the range of mosquito activities.

9, the safest and most effective mosquito repellent:

use mosquito nets or "ancestral" nets, screen door and screen window is the most safe and effective method!

mosquito" invalid coated vitamin B1

widespread coated vitamin B1 is not an effective repellent on the internet. As early as 2005, researchers at the University of Wisconsin in the United States found that vitamin B1 does not have any effect on the number of mosquitoes that fall on the skin surface. That is to say, no repellent effect of vitamin B1.

the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been put forward: there is no adequate data show that vitamin B1 can effectively repel mosquitoes.

2 mobile phone software

the mosquito repellent small coup, safe and effective

mosquito repellent software is said vibration from the wings when flying simulated male mosquitoes sound, so as to achieve the repellent effect.

small make up have tried this method, the result is still bitten a lot of red knots.

it is reported that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the national environmental protection agency believes that there is not enough evidence to prove that this kind of product has an effect on mosquito repellent.

if the unfortunate mosquito bites, how should we do?

is the correct approach after the mosquito bites

the correct approach: alkaline liquid soap and water to daub bite, acidic substances released by neutralizing mosquitoes and prevent swelling in bag. If you have

package method can be used to continuously compress detumescence and relieving itching.

if the situation is very serious, or should be timely medical treatment.

in addition, the common methods of insect repellent, should pay attention to!

: rice mother mosquito mosquito repellent incense in most pesticide use should pay attention to ventilation.

the correct use of the method:

in the day when no one in the room when the use of 1 - 2 hours, the mosquito killed or driven away, there will be no mosquitoes at night. If

is used in the evening, it is best to use half an hour before going to bed, sleep out, then a few minutes before the ventilation window.

: toilet water repellent toilet water repellent mostly to add a mosquito repellent compound, not in contact with the damaged skin, but not directly on the face spray. Baby is best not to use!

safety toilet water repellent depends on the correct use method. Apply mosquito repellent liquid, should be used only for exposed skin or clothing nets (only permethrin composition, toilet water) may not contact the wound, not touch the eyes and mouth, also be used less in the ear.

do not let your baby daub, should be sprayed in the adult hand after the smear to the baby, but do not apply to children's hands, to prevent the entrance should be handled immediately; cleaning with a cleaning agent containing soap off the liquid repellent clothes on the body of the return from outside; if the skin allergies should immediately stop using.

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