Lanzhou green market violence Lanzhou rumor

The rumor Lanzhou market violence

yangshixinwenkehuduan· 2016-06-24 01:46:00

Gansu Lanzhou green market is located in Lanzhou peace road, Chengguan District No. 1, has been operating for 17 years, with the development of the city, the green market there is a serious risk in fire safety, food safety, product quality, environmental health, etc.. To this end, Chengguan District of Lanzhou city government decided to close the green market upgrade.

6 23, 11 pm, the staff was "no purchase vehicles entering the market and make the market work to inform the fire" brand in the market door, was gathered in front of the market, some businesses to stop pushing, and abuse of the staff. At 11:30, the gathering of more than 100 businesses and the market at the entrance of Nanshan Road blocking, resulting in a large area of Nanshan Road traffic paralysis, a serious impact on the normal life of the masses.

after the incident, the city leaders rushed to the scene the first time, immediately asked the staff of various departments to carry out legal publicity guidance and persuasion.

after repeated persuasion failed. City, district two public security organs to mobilize the police force, to clear the road, at 13:40, the road back to normal.

in the whole process of handling the incident, there was no bleeding events. It is understood that the Internet on the incident has been playing a bloody picture, video, not the South Road, South Road, the green market video.

Gansu Provincial Public Security Bureau network security corps official micro-blog after micro-blog released rumor. Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau Chengguan Branch of deliberately released fabricating facts on the Internet to pursue legal responsibilities related to personnel. (CCTV News correspondent Ma Lingfeng An Wenjian)

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