Six treasure fund cheated Tian Liang fifty million? I can just pick up a steak

Tian Liang fund six treasure inside

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hi! Brother, do you know Henry Fok? … … have you heard of Guo Jingjing?

know on the line, we went on to chat.

's six treasure fund lost news suddenly burst all over the sky, in fact this is not news, as early as last year, the fund financial products due to the payment of the news had quietly spread in the market. But after the stock market crash, the fund "death" has been commonplace: 2249 private equity fund liquidation, 2989 product loss to the shameful, no longer publish net. Therefore, a little-known six treasure fund lost, big guy didn't seriously.

until recently, it had happened.

does not have strange Insider: illegal fund-raising victims contain local government, containment Commission, containment, are barely understandable, but your investment cheated, go to Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council to contain what is a ghost? That's the Hanlin Academy ah!

this problem happened to my old and wearing a scratching itches, let's soak a pot of tea, slowly come to listen to me.


first contact six treasure fund, from an industry summit two years ago. After the meeting, the organizers have a buffet dinner, in retrospect, seems to still make time to eat. The participants who have left cheek, tuck up after the molar, a The wind puffs the clouds away.

I was no beauty all luoqun flying in the field of view, is concentrating on dealing with two intraday prawns, suddenly a voice filled with magnetic drill into the ear: "hey! Brother! "

has a peer exchange! I quickly throw shrimp shell, swallow shrimp, clean hands, a series of actions of semi coherent whole. Looked up, the man of a very handsome head if langxing, eyebrows are inclined to insert temples, ape back with wasp waist two large crane legs, back comb the shiny. A Korean version of slim suit, wearing a special wet glasses, a pair of well-known investment bank executives properly dressed.

so there is the beginning of the article that dialogue.

my "hello" has not said exports, he grabbed the question: "do you know Henry Fok?" "

Jun Sheng I was not born, I was born Jun has been old. No chance to know ah! I was thinking how to answer, his expression mutation wretched, then asked: "the … … heard of Guo Jingjing? "

, I nodded my head. He immediately smile: "well, let's talk. "Then he handed the name card: skilled Khodorkovsky industrial group, six branch XX Khodorkovsky treasure fund investment director. I respect

3. Although I didn't listen to six treasure with very limited knowledge and scanty information, the Fund said, but the Huo family who do not know? Which one does not know? Then quickly close sycophancy: "you this is big big enterprise ah, stamped a stamp to the earthquake on the three earthquake in Southeast asia. Set up a branch here, is not a good project to find out? Have the opportunity to take care of me. "

laughed after listening to each other, it is very enjoyable, will drink a cup of red wine, nodded:" this is not you want to talk about cooperation. "

I am overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. The Huo family's Fund says to want to cooperate with me? This is definitely on the graves to smoke, and smoke that clouds. Pie in the sky just hit my mouth, which can good chance, then quickly poured him wine, peixiao said: "your advice. "Sit down, the other

unrestrained and Frank asked:" you have large investment clients? Give us six treasure fund recommend ah. "

" ah? "I was completely ignorant. Huo's fund to me to invest in customers? You are the Hongkong Huo family, "or" the old nine door home? Besides, I have passed the business card, I was doing the best, contact less than LP ah!

"security you rest assured that we have a private equity fund issued by the state. "Maybe he looked at me a little ignorant, I hastened to explain:" six treasure fund investment direction are related to large-scale industrial Khodorkovsky, petroleum and natural gas engineering in recent years, the yield in more than 50%, and promised to protect the. "

" ah? "I added Meng Meng, the first time I heard that private equity funds can promise guaranteed you it is only a scorpion. "Capital preservation? Who will guarantee? "I asked carefully.

"ha ha ha, brother you interesting, of course we are behind Hongkong's industrial group. Our boss, but Mr. Henry Fok's son, Mr. Huo Wenfang.

"I instantly broke out in a cold sweat. Protect themselves from the financial high income! This TM but the arena of illegal fund-raising ah. City routines deep, I want to go back to the countryside. To find a pretext for the bugger, even left a shrimp dish can not attend.

to work second days after I carefully checked the data, immediately clear heart. The Huo family divided into second generations, the two generation of real housing shock generation and three generation real. For example, Guo Jingjing's father Timothy Fok is the eldest branch.

Mr. Henry Fok during his lifetime, the child only Fei set can shock Zibei two Zibei the real business, and three of the housing was vulnerable children are not allowed to engage in business, so the two branch of the NPC for a doctor or a lawyer. Only Huo Wenfang is a wonderful, in 90s AK-47 was caught smuggling in the United States, Mr. Henry Fok had already declared his disinheritance.

fortunately I search the Internet, or really ready to submit a "poker-faced Khodorkovsky industrial group LP" dig our industry research report to company executives.

ear rid yourself of all your daily cares. ". I would put it behind, don't want to hear about the six treasure fund news, actually Wen Fang was arrested, 2 billion senior run away, black and HKMAO containment so Madden news. Huo Wenfang is really for the giants concubines pola Hu groping for a get rich the avenue of babel.


heard Tian Liang also voted fifty million, really drunk. The front let Kenneth Fok robbed a girlfriend, after Huo Wenfang again to contribute fifty million, I have engaged in sports, do not know if this is not the Olympic spirit.

Sen butterfly kids, you worked so hard to watch and call genius endorsement step by step point reading machine make the money, are likely to make your dad a boondoggle. Also hope that Tian Liang can learn with their children, there is no time on the Baidu, where the point where, do not let you worry about your study.

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