Big kill eight party! "GTA5" VR version of experience: scene shock

Eight party scene movement HTC

ITzhijia· 2016-06-24 06:40:18

IT home news at a high school in the field of virtual reality are low-end manufacturers layout, but from the implementation point of view, the use of X86 architecture PC driven HTC Vive, SONY PS VR either in content or in play are far better than the mobile phone VR, although before GTA official said the current virtual reality development is not mature. Too expensive, take a place, not considering the production at present, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of the majority of users.

day before, after the efforts, "GTA5" has successfully passed the Mod run successfully in HTC Vive, we can see from the video, you can basically achieve the above HTC Vive in normal operation when the mouse and keyboard operation, for example run, use of firearms, with the HTC Vive handle in position tracking, room position scanning, transmission and other functions use is no pressure.

unfortunately in mobile is still not perfect, there is no perfect sense, perhaps this kind of game with the VR treadmill to create immersive experience.

Video: the "

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