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technology development and production of the domestic family axe game host "Tomahawk F1" was announced by the widespread concern in the industry. After two years of research and development, held in May 10th this year, the ax technology conference, the domestic home game console finally opened the mysterious veil. Now F1 has been on the whole platform Tomahawk spot sale, and we also get the machine for you to look at this handle polished years "axe" how.

machine in the current version of

F1 Tomahawk is divided into 899 yuan and 1499 yuan in the play version version. Smooth play version of the need to increase the hard disk, hard disk storage device cover open reserved expansion, installation can be in accordance with the instructions on the steps, the elite version comes with 500G memory, if that is not enough can also be used to replace the method, and play the same version.

body and UI interface of

although the official website written on the elite version than the play version of the weight, but overall is still very small light, just out of the box is really a surprise. The shape is very close to PS4, but the overall size of the 1/3, smaller than the close to PS4. The intermediate material for piano lacquer panels, other parts of the panel for matte material. The elite edition uses the air Aluminum Alloy as panel material, while maintaining the light on the basis of making machines more strong. The machine overall looks very simple, the process is also very fine.

body of the heat sink is also designed to be very hidden, the use of air mobility, so that the back of the fuselage and the bottom of the air circulation mechanism to maximize, to ensure smooth heat, but also to avoid the infection of dust.

Elite Edition contains the main machine, game controller, power adapter, HDMI line, USB line and the use of notes. In addition to the evaluation of the media also attached with an axe Vip year card.

boot key up physical buttons, the startup mode of capacitive touch sensor, using LOGO as the body of the touch switch, the host body is very smooth, even more has the sense of unity. While the fuselage around the tip will tell the current machine state game player. When the power is connected will become blue orange, boot, Tomahawk LOGO will brighten, feeling very. Class= img_box "

boot light effect is very beautiful, and the handle of the wireless charging function is full of science fiction. Game player only need to handle flat on the fuselage above the fuselage will automatically hold the handle ends down to start charging. Have to say is a very creative design.


were equipped with XBox One and the whole shape of the handle is similar, feel very good. The whole material of the handle is rounded, and the contact surface of the analog stick is used with a large particle matte non slip rubber, and the friction force is moderate. Cross key aluminum anodic oxidation, the feeling is also very good. In addition, the handle is also asymmetric distribution of 4 vibration motor, making the vibration effect is very good. Official price as long as 199 yuan, personal feel that the value of the. At present official website has black, blue two colors can choose to buy.

we got the handle in the use of interval is more than 1 meters, the operation will have a clear sense of delay. If there are obstacles between the handle and the machine operation, there will be delays and card Dungan, and even link interruption. Official confirmed this only appeared in the early part of the machine media evaluation on the retail version has solved this problem.

players can press the FUZE key in the middle of the handle, so that the handle and the host wireless connection. Currently supports four handles at the same time connected with the host, respectively, corresponding to different user number. Meet a number of family members of the game, and the relative independence of the demand for the game data.

system UI is also very familiar with, drawing on the PS4 system interface. Easy to understand, even if it is a novice can quickly grasp. Home recommended to fully display the latest hot content and keep the fast update. Main functions are divided into: Mall, home, dynamic, games, video, live, film and television, as well as recommend friends. Select each module will display the corresponding detailed features and presentation. And on top of the management menu, including the download tasks, my wallet, messages, personal space, select the user, friends, handle connection, pass, application management, set up.

has just entered the system menu will have a slight stuttering, smooth recovery after about 5 seconds. This situation also occurs when selecting the option to enter or exit a menu, but the duration is not long.


is simple and easy to understand before entering the game can also see some game player on this game reviews and experience, is also very convenient. In the game can also be returned to the menu interface to select other features, such as watching the video or the broadcast, etc.. And before the game will be interrupted in the standby state, the player can choose to continue the game at any time, eliminating the waiting time.

game and entertainment function

is the debut of the game 20 models, including the "Dynasty Warriors 7 moushouden", "fire", "negative impact" etc. (game for all customers Chinese). In the system menu to select all the game can be seen, after some of the big work will be updated to come in. All games are free download and play, I feel good after you can choose to buy. This is also a very good design, to avoid the player was the game cover or misleading information. Payment to support WeChat and Alipay scan code, it is also convenient to buy.

"when entering the game is also very cool

in the game," Dynasty Warriors 7 "just load the game there will be a slight Carlton, after a period of time running back to normal. The picture compared to the PS4 version, the character material slightly less, more obvious is the cloth swinging clothes relatively stiff, in some places there will be a slight Caton phenomenon. But the whole game is relatively smooth, with the screen number is not too big shrink, unparalleled performance is also very good, no Caton phenomenon. Game operation and other versions of the same, and there is no difference. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" in which "zombie" this game is very interesting. Although the scene is a single game, game player needs in a clearing up from from all sides came the zombie, the use of skills upgrading, and randomly generated in the scene organs to survive. The whole game is also very smooth, very recommended.


kill zombies using props and traps randomly generated in the scene is one of the important means of survival. Seemingly simple but very test of operation skills. In addition, one can choose to strengthen their skills or to give the enemy in the character after the upgrade, to achieve the effect of desperate every child. So how to choose the skills and the use of time is also very particular about.

"on how to choose the skill is also very important in the game < /p>

can also choose to protect the base of" Tower Defense "mode. Set up the gun around the base, the use of randomly generated traps and skills to upgrade to resist wave of wave of the body tide.

and other games can also be a very smooth running play. Players can also be through the view key on the handle screenshot, short press for the screenshot, long press the recording video. When recording video games are also running smoothly, and will not be affected.

live, you can directly choose to enter the main menu in the main menu TV to watch or live. Players can choose to bind axes and panda TV account to carry out a fast broadcast, but also very convenient. Class= img_box "

view is the music and music as the cooperation, the built-in music video. Players can also choose to enter the main menu to watch the music. Players need to register as an account to watch music, there are accounts of the players can also bind their own account of the ax. It should be noted that, as members and members of the ax is not universal, need to buy music as a member of the member to watch some videos.

, although the distance from the first-class host products there are still gaps, but the "Tomahawk F1" is still some mild game player choice, the price has a great advantage. And more than 200 partners, including the glory (Koei Tecmo), tecmo Ubisoft (Ubisoft), Deep Slive and other international well-known game developers, Rimlight, Comcept and other independent game studios, long live games, interactive technology, the lancet MAG outstanding domestic host game production team. There is also a guarantee in the follow-up game. Currently related VR devices are also being developed, look forward to a better performance.

is currently the host of the game in China has been suspended for more than 10 years. Early in PS2 and Nintendo's "GBA" series, have failed to gain great success in china. Today, although SONY and Microsoft and once again into China, but the popular group for so many years almost been online games, hand travel, page tour and other entertainment streaming. Remove a small number of core players, most of the domestic consumer groups are not very clear what the home game console. VW can actually experience the game console. In addition to these hosts more expensive price, a lot of people are not willing to try.

F1 Tomahawk although there are various problems, but really have such as "Warriors", "Assassin's Creed" real host game host. But before the "box" products, while also hanging "game" name, but still can only play some simple mobile phone game. Is also very easy to confuse the concept of the popular game console.

no matter the current game player groups are not optimistic about how Android Tomahawk F1 box structure, which provides the installation box function are likely to become a decisive factor in the general population to buy the game console, after all the non game player groups, it can provide a number of additional value is the key. So at least for training more Chinese host game player, Tomahawk F1 can play a positive role very well, at least there's really a lot of good host game, if not exclusive. These new players grow up, maybe it will be put into the embrace of the international mainstream game console. In addition

F1 Tomahawk subsequently led many domestic game development team, can also make the market more active, only more people involved can have progress, only to be more accepted by the public, can have a better development.

may be a core player in the future, is exposed to the entry of this type of product, only to understand what the game console is a concept. Like the original, who have not played the bully machine learning?

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