Wear free ball not to fight the king, angered O'Sullivan to super intentional foul


sinuoke· 2016-06-24 13:32:40

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2016 World Snooker Championship," Polish grinding king Selby all is obvious to people, deliberately slow down the pace of the game, is also to continue to do many super snooker, the opponent's mind so bad. 2010 Premier League snooker Selby rockets O'Sullivan, in the fourth contest, the score is very close to Selby, a brilliant snooker rod let O'Sullivan continuous solution ball 4 rod failure, and to the Selby free kick, but Selby unexpectedly is not playing, let O'Sullivan continue to swing back to re explain the ball. When O'Sullivan angry, deliberately push the green ball, super O'Sullivan, directly into the lounge. But this is the only one of Selby's victory. It seems the rocket angered really is not too good "

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