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these days, the people of the world are focusing on Shanghai, they are waiting for a "fairy tale" -- is located in Shanghai, is also the world's sixth Disney theme park in June 16th officially opened its doors. This set of fantasy, imagination, creativity and adventure in one of the parks in the tickets officially on sale at present difficult to get a ticket hot scenes. Shanghai Disney as the official ticketing partner - public comment, in the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, planning launched the "Paradise princess to go?" Theme communication activities. "The princess fled, walking in Shanghai new world" - from creating suspense to a variety of online and offline participation form, let coverage of this event has reached 40 million people, since Disney became the most absorbing eye opening warm-up, the gimmick of foot, but also the most influential one of the activities. The event and then let the public comment, buy Disney tickets, the spread of the main information is popular.

the event in June 9th and June 10th micro-blog released collect the NetEase as the main node in the broadcast time, lasted 5 days, # Princess park where # topped the hot topic topic micro-blog top three, won more than 30 million 561 thousand times more than the number of Topic Reading. The 102 thousand topic of discussion, has become a hot topic following the events after the most popular star. In the process of communication, through the NetEase to see the number of live broadcast of the princess is as high as 140 thousand people, the cumulative exposure of the client in the NetEase reached 7 million. At the same time, in the communication cycle, the public comment App on the Disney ticket area of the average daily UV compared to the previous week (June 1st -7) increased by 76%, the average daily ticket sales increased 2 times over the previous week.

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the public comment as to enhance the quality of life of consumer service platform, behind every event, are to build a more perfect quality of life for more consumers. The best opportunity for the event occasion Disney opened, to find the paradise Princess "is the creative foundation, proposed" buy public comment, Disney park tickets "spread ideas, and guide consumers on the public comment buy tickets Disney, greatly enhance the degree of concern of public comment on the life service platform, provide a convenient ticket for all Disney's favorite channels. And the event's prize - Disney tickets, but also the need to poke in the participants, so as to effectively stimulate consumer participation in this event.


event opened since June 8th, in the 5 days of the transmission cycle, the public comment on the a variety of social media channels, micro-blog, WeChat, NetEase covers broadcast, public comment client, and with micro-blog V, KOL and other network reds, further this" paradise where Princess "campaign, in order to expand awareness, improve consumers involved in the heat.

kichiku triggered

6 month 8 days, online spread of a princess and the prince about "did not live a happy life, but mysteriously disappeared......" Ghost animal style video clips. The novel form of video, funny narration, the latter of the gods, as well as the princess to go there, the phrase of the brain, really makes people easy to remember, impressive". The video released on the trigger a public curiosity and forward, watching the number of up to 2 million 820 thousand times up to the concept of.

homeopathic occasion to release for the princess's

< span style= to collect the "font-size: 14px;" >6 9, the public comment issued the "paradise of the princess Strike while the iron is hot., where the collection of posters. The poster to a blue dress, Huang Qunzi, only exposed body, want to leave the princess as the main line, fully demonstrate the theme of this event. Public comment also announced the princess road map, suggesting that the location of the princess is about to occur, greatly reducing the difficulty of the event.

at the same time, the public comment according to the event area, target consumer preferences, combined with Shanghai local information morning news, micro-blog large, such as Shanghai fun, idle away in seeking pleasure my predecessor is the best, my friend is a B stay together, God replies, and funny, life WeChat platform large, such as Shanghai headlines, headlines, we say spicy embarrassments, caused the attention of consumers, which led to more consumers to participate in take the initiative to share and spread the event.

# paradise where # Shanghai big thing! Princess park is missing! According to the informant news, wearing a blue dress, Princess Huang Qunzi was found in the streets of Shanghai. Public comment free delivery 10 Disney park tickets, please put the princess back! Photographed Princess figure and released @ public comment network of micro-blog, there will be a chance to win 2 tickets Disney!

video to enhance the user participation of well-known KOL Princess

as the princess actor, famous actor Zhang Jingjing @ model plane, Vicky, through the second shot video release events, with the aid of myself in the social platform fan appeal, to attract more consumer attention, to ensure the communication effect.

NetEase live online

as a public comment on the cooperation platform, the NetEase to live this "paradise where Princess" campaign was broadcast live. Live for up to 6 hours, attracting 140 thousand viewers to participate in the watch. The princess in 6 and public comment cooperation shops, online viewers can follow the footsteps of the princess, synchronized store, so don't feel close to the atmosphere and service the 6 stores in the Shanghai area or to the new world of the audience. In the scene of the audience, you can interact with the princess, more important is to take the princess figure @ public comment network of micro-blog, won the Disney tickets. This linkage with the line under the line, giving the user a complete interactive experience.

back to see the princess live: http://3g.163.com/ntes/special/00340BF8/seventlive.html? Roomid=82549& spss=newsapp& w=5& f=wx

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the items during the Dragon Boat Festival is on the line, the following the marketing content in the communication period The interaction effect as reference:

- released June 8th kichiku video viewing volume totaled 2 million 820 thousand times. The topic of 17:30 # park where the princess # landing micro-blog top three hot topic, topic reading more than 30 million times.

- June 8th ~ June 9th, micro-blog micro-blog and KOL released the official public comment, the cumulative number of reading over 5 million times.

- June 9th ~ June 11th, WeChat official public comment on WeChat and KOL released a total of 360 thousand times, the number of reading.

- June 10th NetEase broadcast, watch the cumulative number of 140 thousand.

- spread the total number of nearly 40 million people.

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1, keep the hot sensitivity, quick response

6 8, "where" the princess went to the kichiku heat transfer video on the Internet, as Disney China official ticketing partner, the public comment captures the correspondence between the video and the upcoming opening of the upsurge of Disney. In the next 4 days, the public comment for the occasion with the fastest speed, planning a series of online and offline activities, fast agile, bold and interesting. From the release of the collection to make posters, the United Shanghai local KOL spread, to invite the princess live, fresh creative and diverse forms, effectively stimulate the consumer's sharing behavior, to achieve the multiple spread of the brand.

2, 6 hours of live popular brand, improve the user viscosity

6 10 princess in the NetEase live travel, selection and planning for the entire store through the public comment, the public comment store publicity at the same time, but also deepen the Association impression between public comment and Disney these two brands. Through this, the public comment on both the consolidation of the public comment on the user to find the habit of consumer information, and guide the formation of the user on the public comment, buy Disney tickets, the new thinking. More importantly, it sends a message to the consumer: the public comment, found that your quality of life. Style= text-align:center "

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