An article, understand Zhang Xiaolong's 78 product concept...

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! Zhang Xiaolong product concept" style= "
; Author: Glen
(WeChat public number: JiGlen)" >

PM" >


what is the product?

(1) product is style=

(2) function is not equal to the product function is to meet the needs of positioning to meet the psychological demands of

positioning is a single, multi function is

4); the function is hard to win," >

product of human nature" and ">

(1) allow defects of human nature, not the machines

(3) bug is a kind of human nature embodied

important; 4) products is our communication and user media, humanized user communication


what is PM?" >

PM is standing in God's people around

(2) PM overlooking the sentient beings like God, know their desires, then make some rules to them, let them live in under the rules of


do products of the" >

1) to solve user problems, make products for users, not for the boss, KPI style=



PM The ability to ask the

(1) keep its hunger, keep a feel very ignorant state

(2) PM need to improve self-cultivation, have some of their own experience span>

(3) to understand the user, to meet their" primary afflictions "


(1) knowledge, rather than the task

(2) argue, but not for pride fighting

(3) may be paranoid, the premise is your visionary

(4) moments of doubt their paranoia, because it may be wrong

(5) to maintain the mentality of the experimenter "" > (6) can be proved to be wrong, for

(7) chance on the road

! Product design


Product Design in two aspects of

< P style=" >

- first of all to have the breakthrough point, through technology Operation to achieve differentiation

- product is the most difficult to determine the need for priority and order of

" style=; (2)

- A In the absence of a product reputation, not to abuse the platform "> - products need innovation in the local, small place never meet

- a function must not use more is good, but the people feel good is good "

product beauty

(1) product is a flow of building

(2) system is composed of independent subsystem connection, a function is not a simple superposition, but the impact on the entire system The

(3) hide the technical details of

(4) if not done elegant, give up

(5) your taste, determines the product taste


from the user experience of

(1) of all products need to have human research

(2) good product experience: the word" cool. "Two words" fun "

(3) to find the essence of the psychological demands of users" >

(4) fool mentality to use products (Jobs can immediately become a fool, pony can be 1 minutes, Zhang Xiao claimed to be 5 to 10 minutes long)" >

(5) logical reasoning, as well as CE (user user survey), perceived trend of

(1) of a product only a style= ">

(2) a location is only one main function of

(4) not all functions are listed on the main interface of

thinking how to do focus?

(1) if the core function did not increase vitality, more auxiliary functions are

(2) new features really help to improve user activity? Before asking his

(3) the new function will destroy the product architecture??

(4) each added a function that will bring the long period of the product maintenance cost, be careful


to avoid the habit of"

(1) at the beginning of the product

(2), through the integration of resources

(3); learn from your competitors, not to follow as a strategy, do not care about the pros and cons of a city"

(4) according to the plan (Zhang Xiaolong doesn't know what the next version of WeChat

(5) value of registered users

(6) what do you want to give users what

(7) ridicule others plagiarism, it is only for their own mediocrity to find a peace of mind for" >

(8) pay attention to the critics." >

(9) define complex logic and form

! Demand management


(1) users begin to demand may be deceptive

(2) PM is the most difficult to judge whether the user needs is the real" >

focus and the ultimate

(1) hurt the ten fingers off as one means" >

(2) in terms of products you must learn to do subtraction

WHY<; /strong>

(1) the user is lazy lazy, lazy to do the design for

(2) users do not want (don 't make me think)

(3) to the general public users to participate in" >

4; money is not to spend money), are

(5) to find psychological features behind the driving force

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An article, understand Zhang Xiaolong's 78 product concept...