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      the test results of the main performance indexes of the tested products are far higher than the industry average." In June 22nd, Beijing Terrett detection technology services limited liability company (the National Radio and television product quality supervision and inspection center) is a authority of the conclusions of the study of Terrett, Chinese enough to make TV industry and the whole China industry was boiling.
TCL QUHD quantum dots TV's flagship product obtained after stringent detection. The same day, as has the only national digital TV products user testing laboratory to carry out "Terrett, good technology, not afraid to see" quantum dots TV detection action, ushered in by the experts, color master, Master technology, media reporters and core users the strength of the observation group, the witness protection, detection of open and transparent and just. It is reported that this is the first time since the establishment of the company for the detection of social openness, the popularity of the television industry, the popularity of high and new technology has a very significant practical significance. In the face of the history of the most stringent test, the TCL with an open attitude to face the challenge, the detection of epoch-making full disclosure, is to let the public feel the charm of zero distance technology.

"technology, is not afraid of you, to contrast detection." The event, the general manager of Beijing TCL Electronics Sales Co., Guo Ye for the detection of confidence, although the professional testing is full open, live ammunition, but the QUHD quantum dot TV first to integrate the current highest technology crystallization, TCL has successfully in the challenge of courage. The final test results show that the measured core index QUHD products dominate the industry, especially the color gamut coverage (DCI-P3) is a large database of the highest value, the peak brightness beyond the industry average of 77.9%, exceed the industry average of 26% color brightness, audio frequency response beyond the industry products 97%. "In the history of the development of the global television industry, in the past has been a leading position in Japan and South Korea, QUHD reverse this trend, significant." Industry observers pointed out that the test results show that this is Chinese ahead for the first time in television technology products worldwide, which greatly boosted the Chinese people on the top Chinese manufacturing confidence, leading the TV industry the next generation of high-tech direction of rapid transformation.

win the challenge!

Terrett general manager Wu Xin speech

      "the measured QUHD products accepted authoritative unprecedented harsh." General manager Terrett Wu Xin said at the event, the objective and subjective detection is divided into two units, the whole group in the presence of observation, is the first public test of Terrett research history, attaches great importance on the investment of equipment and personnel, the most professional and leading participation.
      Wu Xin said: "as the national quality supervision and the national industry standards of the unit, and TV products CCC certification testing organizations, Terrett brings together the test index and data of TV industry a large number of products, thus built a large database for leading industry, through a large database, Terrett research through the comparison and analysis of comprehensive and accurate on the overall performance of TV products and specific individual technical performance." In front of the big data so that the enterprise has no authority, bold challenge, but the QUHD was destined to make history. />   

"higher brightness can better restore the real scene, the measured QUHD peak brightness up to 1630cd/m2, more than the test index of all products in large database." According to Xie Yudi revealed. In general, the average value of a large database of each index represents the overall level of the current industry products, the data being measured QUHD products exceeded the average value of the data base of similar products 916cd/m2 77.9%. Because of the difference between the real way, LCD TV is more likely to reach a higher peak brightness, and therefore also higher than the average value of OLED TV brightness.
    extraordinary pictures! QUHD

      "into the laboratory activities the most exciting scene, from the" The Brain "51 degree grey project challenger Cui Lili, the scene singled QUHD. As a high-energy sharp eye, a super powerful challenger in color recognition, "Cui Lili is the best touchstone TV color performance". Cui Lili field challenge 51 degree gray contrast limit test, in the form of blind test, respectively, in the QUHD and ordinary TV, only show the best performance TV, to meet Cui Lili's magic eye". However, because the two TV shows different gray scale display performance, Cui Lili also appeared in the challenge of a world of difference QUHD challenge is successful, and the failure in the ordinary TV challenge.

    gray scale;   for such a result, witnessed the whole process of the science and technology Hot Blog million itkiller- Mai Ke believes that this is not the player gray scale recognition capabilities, but because of the common television grayscale display ability is limited, can not be accurately restored every gray, lead to the naked eye can not see the distinction between them. The QUHD has far more than the ability to restore ordinary television, so that the naked eye can see more details. And Cui Lili also said: "the color of the QUHD performance is perfect, accurate, pure color restore ability is far better than ordinary tv."

      "with the image played a dozen years, have never seen such a bright and vivid picture!" The presence of the photographer, Sina pictures Bo Bo said the main walkers orange, you can say that you read all the beauty of the world, the image is very sensitive and harsh, but also for the QUHD image quality. But in the end, Master scene and digital products is very sensitive to the quality of senior cameraman and sound demanding critics such as coffee, praise, are higher than the OLED TV picture quality and sound quality evaluation of QUHD, leaving the top product image to them.

epic breakthrough! QUHD 35 years to create the best TV story

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