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gas station Ma plan is part of a "strategic" accessible "and" thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. "Extensive" strategy "and" thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers is the Alibaba O2O layout blueprint, refers to the thousands of brands, massive two-dimensional code coverage; open flow, data, membership and payment, eight core business scene. Although it sounds very dizzy, Ali is trying to use their own services in all aspects of the consumer scene surrounded by your line. />

Ma gas station plan is Alipay direct brush. After Sinopec fuel card can also use Alipay recharge, but the Alibaba intends to "pay" function into the gas station terminal. After your mobile phone as long as the "hissing" Angela, can directly pay for the gas.

is the reform of payment flow, Ma for the 5000 gas station planning is far more than that. Reporters learned that in the future, the purchase of gasoline, natural gas will be fully O2O. />

O2O Department of Alibaba responsible person said in an internal meeting in secret, "the essence of O2O is to solve the efficiency problem of traditional real economy with Internet thinking. The idea of the gas station or the consumer crowd gathered to the next line to complete the purchase, payment. Internet thinking and this is just the opposite - we want to bring the goods to the end consumers, with our best logistics network to do a good job of this thing. "/>

source: curiosity daily April Fool's day

PS. today's content mix fool elements, three to two is really a fake, witty readers, you have made!

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