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3. "" supercell

Jingdong WAL-MART cooperation

6 21, WAL-MART and Jingdong Announced a depth of strategic cooperation, WAL-MART's 1 store into the Jingdong, while WAL-MART received about 5% stake in Jingdong.

Analysys analyst group general manager Dong Xu has accepted the Nanfang Daily reporter:


this is from Finland, only 190 employees of the company is the "tribal conflict" of the developers, but also the world's most profitable one of the hand travel company.

; members of the media teacher, if you have questions to interview Analysys analyst Analysys, can contact the media!

Analysys media micro signal: 18511047616, add please note name

press the two-dimensional code to add"

media teachers!

[the media] greet you analysys. I am responsible for the media and analysts docking WeChat account, in the future there is any issue about the interview, please contact me. />

at the same time, we also have an interview with (very good note, right?!!)

if the interview outline, please as far as possible in advance 4 to 5 hours to send mail to the mailbox;

headers specify the unit name + +title;

directly attached text, don't put the attachment to

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