2016 in the first quarter, China's GDP has been the lowest since the global financial crisis, and Hongkong's retail industry has been in the doldrums.

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2016 Footfall in the first quarter global retail Passenger index report

global leading retail data analysis expert FootFall company on the global retail Passenger index latest quarterly report. After a period of hot retail such as the beginning of Chinese festivals and Western Easter, let us take a look at the retail industry around the world:

country has gradually get rid of dependence on manufacturing. Industrial production, showing steady growth, Ji Duping go up 0.5%.

in consumer confidence unexpectedly declined, perhaps due to the national GDP fell, compared with last year's data, the first quarter increased by only 6.7%, which is since the global financial crisis a minimum level of growth.

4 month, the new cross-border e-commerce retail high import tax policy into effect, but most retailers still the operation area of the market and tax environment to positive tone.

; in Hongkong, the number of mainland tourists to continue to fall sharply, only during the Spring Festival, the number of Chinese mainland tourists dropped by 12%, is expected to Hong Kong Tourism Bureau, Chinese mainland tourism this year will drop 3.2%, the average cost will be reduced Minus 4%.

; nevertheless, retail traffic is rising year on year, rose by 1.2% in the first quarter, but this did not translate into sales.

attention last month's retail traffic, compared with April the month ring fell 5.5% in March, the poor performance, but still an increase of 2.5%.


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Sunday   3rd  April

Sunday 3 October

India in the first quarter of this year's consumer confidence rose again in April, growth. And continued to predict that India will become the main economy in 2016.

retail expansion eased in March, to a 6 month low (4.83%), which also benefited from food prices edged up slightly. For the central bank's decision makers, which is also encouraged by the news, their goal is to March 2018, to reduce retail inflation to 4%.

2016 in the first quarter in the traffic only an increase of 0.1%, the month of April rose by 5.3%, but compared to the same period last year and these data or declined. Retail continues to perform well.


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