Electronic depth report: Leveraging trillion space networking, sensor first launched (attached report)

Internet of things space sensor electronic components

199IThulianwangshuju· 2016-06-25 02:05:12

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Internet leveraging trillion space sensor first to start: with the NB-LoT standard to landing, massive coverage of low power connection conditions have been met, things will usher in the trillion dollar market. So the question is, how to get all kinds of physical, chemical and biological information? />

preferred MEMS sensor, semiconductor MEMS industry ushered in the spring because of the rise of Internet of things especially wireless sensor network physical size, power consumption and cost of the device is very sensitive to MEMS, complete the integration of micro sensors, micro actuators, micro mechanical structure, micro micro power energy, signal processing and control circuit as a whole, is the key means to solve the above problems. At the same time, the semiconductor industry chain transfer to the mainland, domestic design, manufacturing, packaging and other aspects of technology and technology is gradually mature, product MEMS as a physical quantity is connected with the semiconductor, the time will benefit from the rise of the domestic semiconductor industry.

in the future with the development of the networking industry, MEMS in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, military, intelligence Home Furnishing, smart city and other areas will be more widely used, according to Yole Developpement, 2016-2020 MEMS sensor market will grow at a CAGR of 13% to 2020, MEMS sensor market $30 billion. Massive application of space to upgrade the import substitution of semiconductors, the prospect of unlimited!

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to big data industry, big data tools as a supplement, collection of over 1000 models of global quality data tools platform, development preferred. Recently added mobile applications ASO tools.

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