The truth about golf is not a smoke of psychological warfare

Golf psychological warfare

gaoerfupindao· 2016-06-25 04:18:30

in golf, for occupation players, "80% on the psychology, technology accounted for only 20%. To fight the level of amateur, technical and psychological each half.

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75% above. If a table on the ladder felt ball may hit the ball out of bounds, is often out of bounds. So before you play, be sure to have a certain idea, the more the better the level of the.

is composed of a full swing golf ball, long short ball and push rod, mental activity including emotional adjustment, warm-up, play strategy five composition. The next game is the management of these five aspects of the process.

short shots, such as pitch ball and both are difficult to teach or learn some. In the process of practicing short shots in the majority of enthusiasts did not deep understanding of short shots are direct factors affecting the performance, there will be psychological irritability.

push in all shot 43% proportion. Is the decisive factor of improving the performance of the. Everyone knows the truth, but in practice, often ignore the practice of putting.

in the playing process to avoid weaknesses, to manage the fairway and their results, this method is playing wise, this ability can also realize that the human is limited.

in golf, golf and real contact part of 60%, and make you invisible part of 40%. However, many fans did not recognize this, they believe that golf is all swing.

72 rod pitch, if there is no one turnovers, scores should be 72 bar. But the result is always on the standard pole, because in the course of the mistakes is inevitable.

90% above is in before the ball has been have a conclusion, but also can be said to be because they are in the club selection and the determination of target when error has occurred because of the. For example, with the 4 iron attack on the green is very low, perhaps call 101 or less. But in the event of "font-family: 4 iron distance, even if there is no confidence, do not hesitate to come up with "4 4-iron. But what about the results? Not even 8 iron distance did not play out, or play with errors occur.

goal setting the error is also an important reason. There is a bunker, pond or deep grass in front of the green barriers, also do not consider how to avoid. Even if I knew my weaknesses is a bunker shot, but often fall into the pond in the memory of many "". Your goal is always the flagpole.

recalls his past golf, there may be common sense. In addition to the golf swing, more important is the choice".


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