Russian Defense Ministry: Russia to participate in the international armored car competition

Armored vehicle international tank observer

tengxunjunshi· 2016-06-25 07:23:53

data figure: Russian tanks for training

satellite news in Moscow in June 24, the Russian Defense Ministry news and information administration said, from Egypt, Kazakhstan, Venezuela and the Chinese team will participate in the international competition of armored vehicle driving "master".

it is reported that the team from Egypt, Kazakhstan, Venezuela and China have been identified in the competition, India and Pakistan's military representatives will attend the scene as a competition observer.

foreign representatives can use their own willingness to participate in the country's armed forces vehicle equipment. Sources said, according to preliminary information, the Chinese team will choose this way.

armored car driving game of the traditional game need to complete the following exercise: limit line driving, obstacles, steep and complex terrain, traveling wading driving.

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