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GDP (gross domestic products) the full name of the national GDP, is a measure of an important indicator of a country or a region in general economic conditions. At first, the national economic accounting system had two kinds of MPS and SNA, among which MPS was founded by the former Soviet Union, mainly serving the planned economy, and later withdrew from the historical stage with the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In 1968, the United Nations announced the SNA system, and in 1970 from the world to promote. By the middle of the last century in 80s, China has been using the MPS system.

1985 years, China began to establish the GDP accounting system, in 1993 we completely turned to the SNA system, the GDP as the core indicators of national economic accounting. After joining the WTO, China in 2003 once again to improve the GDP accounting system, to join the IMF initiated data release system (GDDS). Again to upgrade the GDP accounting system of our country in 2015, in this section we elaborate on the back alone.

from the beginning of 2004, domestic for GDP accounting, implementation of the "accounting classification, under the control of a" principle, currently in use is the national, provincial, city and county of four accounting. To this end, the current domestic GDP called "gross domestic product", and the GDP of provincial, municipal and county levels are known as "GDP". Class= img_box "

GDP "content_img_div" accounting in the end is not allowed? As above, the GDP of our country using four accounting, and due to the different levels of accounting index, data also has the disparity, regional GDP data statistics, Municipal Bureau of statistics released in, must be reported to the Provincial Bureau of statistics and the National Bureau of statistics summary and review. Finally, it can be published. Therefore, the data collected by the provincial and national direct accounting data compared to the data, there is a clear error, and in recent years, the data gap is growing. In addition, due to various reasons, not every industry is equipped with a statistical staff, therefore, each industry may not have specific, accurate economic data registration and filing. Especially small businesses, self-employed households, the financial information is very small. This is usually the case, the statistics department will be in accordance with the data before these enterprises to quickly calculate the initial value, after the data to check the correction. Class= img_box "

calculation of a GDP need how long? The National Bureau of Statistics announced the GDP data each year to calculate the need to go through the following processes: preliminary estimation process, the initial verification process and the final verification process. The initial estimation process is generally carried out at the end of the year and the beginning of the following year. Its annual GDP data is only a preliminary number, this data is to be obtained after more adequate information to verify. Preliminary verification process generally in the second quarter of the following year. Final verification process is generally carried out in the fourth quarter of the following year. < p > the United States will according to the situation timely revision preliminarily accounting the quarter GDP of GDP

number to about 15 days after the season completed; quarter GDP initial nuclear real completed within 45 days after the release of the annual GDP preliminary nuclear real; quarter GDP final real within 45 days after the release of the annual GDP of the final verification number. Here, local and national statistics released time there will be some different, taking Taiyuan City as an example, quarterly GDP data released on time, after the end of each quarter for a month on the 20th left and right. The annual consumption of GDP released time is longer, the summary process takes two months. In the United States, the gross domestic product by the Ministry of commerce is responsible for statistical analysis, practice is a quarterly estimate and statistics. Each time after the preliminary estimate of the data, there will be two revisions, mainly published in the third week of each month. Class= img_box "

we mentioned above, in the three quarter of 2015, China has once again upgraded the GDP accounting system. This time, our country adopted the IMF data published special standard SDDS system. SDDs and GDDS framework are basically the same, but the former data coverage, publish the frequency, announced in timeliness, data quality, public availability requirements, and according to the standard published five departments of the entity economy, finance, banking, foreign and social population data.

among them, the new GDP algorithm program a significant change is that the intellectual property of the product R & D investment and other included in the GDP, which will lead to a large increase in the total GDP. Changes brought about by the new algorithm is not limited to the total national economic growth, but also causes great influence to bisection of provinces and autonomous regions economy. Peking University China Economic Accounting Research Center Deputy Director Cai Zhizhou said that "a large proportion of the eastern part of R & D investment, GDP and per capita GDP in these areas will obviously increased, but the western region development investment proportion is small, this gap between the East and the West will widen. "Class=

Italy's Statistics Bureau announced that the drugs, prostitution, smuggling and credited to the GDP

finally share some international GDP accounting "lace news. In order to let the national GDP data "look good" some, some countries have also provoked controversy. In May 2014, Italy's Statistics Bureau announced the drugs, prostitution, smuggling credited to GDP, this behavior at the time caused a great disturbance. But then Britain also announced to follow the example of Italy, the billions of pounds of drugs and sex into the GDP statistics. < p > British think-tank "economic and business research center" (CEBR) analysis predicted that included prostitution and drug trafficking, when Britain's GDP will be increased to $2.828 trillion ($1.816 billion), than the same period in France expected GDP higher than the $10 billion. In fact, as early as 1987, Italy has been the underground economy into the GDP, and then the country's GDP jumped 18% overnight, beyond the United Kingdom to become the fourth largest economy in the western countries. The event is also known as the "sorpasso IL" (Italian beyond the meaning), the whole country to celebrate Italy. Class= img_box "

Italy British practice with Holland to sell marijuana and coffee shop is regarded as similar income. These countries are doing so in order to increase their relative share in the EU GDP, to know that the allocation of the euro zone fund is based on this. At the same time, GDP can increase the denominator bigger deficit rate and debt rate, reduce the two core indicators. Although the subsidies will be reduced after the inclusion of cocaine and other GDP, Italy, but the country's debt ratio and deficit rate will be more close to the EU standards.

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