Shanghai nine rules will pay social security to the cumulative 5 years

The social security rules the cumulative tax bill

cailianshe· 2016-04-20 08:15:13

< p > [Shanghai nine "rules will pay social security changed to" accumulate "five years] fiscal union 20 hearing, Shanghai and Hong nine" new rules requirements, after March 25 (March 25) signed contracts of sale, outsiders or social security tax calculation to sign the contract date to push forward 63 months accumulated over 60 months. This means specified in the previous "Shanghai nine" continuous payment of social security full 5 years "change to now" accumulated over 60 months "is accumulated over five years, in order to protect the some field work in Shanghai property buyers will not because of the half-way change jobs" friendly fire, "the loss of qualified buyers. (NetEase)

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