From girl to mom, choose the bra to protect mimi"!

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from girl to Ma, choose the bra to protect mimi"! Class= img_box "

" "you know, the bra will affect the blood circulation of the breast, but also the nerve compression! "

" cherish life, away from the rim! Studies have shown that wearing a steel ring bra for women, the incidence of breast cancer than in non steel ring bra inside and not wearing a bra is much higher. "

is from the beginning of puberty and woman are inseparable bra, really" bad "? Women of different ages, how to select their own bra, got mastitis also can not wear bra?

is China hundreds of millions of female breast health problems, and you can not sit idly by.

the development of girls should not choose a steel ring bra

teenage milk, little distance between anterior axillary breast contour interval is narrow, obviously, a relatively flat plate type.

women in this age group in the breast development period, the role of bra is mainly to assist the normal development of the breast, if premature to be finalized will affect the development of the chest. In view of this, should not choose too tight, a steel ring style. From the fabric, the best choice for girls can be reduced to the maximum extent of stimulation fiber cotton underwear.

caring for girls and Ke Jun recommended the following categories:


1/2 cup bra bra cup structure for transverse and oblique or vertical open open open, forming up and down or left two pieces of shape, with a good yarn type, fixed, uniform supporting force can be flat for magic. For smaller chest young women, promote good chest effect.

- thick thin

full cup bra for the flat chest, because the cup fitness is good, not easy to occur in the cup when exposed to.


vest type bra wearing comfortable, no tight feeling, and with the liner, does not make the nipple protruding, fully wrapped chest. Vest type bra can also prevent slipping motion; because the shoulder straps and the surrounding wide, relatively flat chest is also suitable for girls and thin thin women.


after 16 weeks of pregnancy, the best choice of special

maternity bra to some mothers will choose slightly larger than usual size of ordinary bra, but after the pregnancy breast have different requirements on the bra. Do you think that the only increased by two or three cup? Just not!

after pregnancy breast will expand outward from the lower half, unlike ordinary cup the proportion of ordinary bra may not be able to think of. Therefore, after 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is best to choose a special maternity bra, and with changes in different stages of change at any time to adjust.


in the selection of pregnant woman bra, should be selected with the breast tightly, breast should be no sense of oppression. The bra is too tight will affect breast proliferation and development, but also because of skin friction and make the fabric into the duct, may cause postpartum no milk or less milk, impact on the future of nursing bra is too large; do not play the heavy lift, breast glands protection function of growth with comfortable, late breast increase it is difficult to avoid breast ptosis.

in the fabric, the better permeability of cotton fabric texture as the best choice, try to avoid the choice of ventilation or non absorbent chemical fiber type bra.

choose the nursing bra, mother health and peace of mind for

to breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding should use nursing bra or ordinary bra is a problem.

, director of breast surgery, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Zhang Dongxiao said that good quality nursing bra for more save effort choice for breastfeeding mothers. Lactation bra angle rose significantly and depth should be full cup, best for pure cotton knitted fabric is thin and elastic.

bra strap direction should be vertical, but also a little wider, so that will not cause shoulder pain. In addition, the cup should be snug fit to play the best effect of tito. In the design of

, mostly in the ordinary bra buckle back or chest median, and most nursing bra for bilateral cups are equipped with separate buttons (SNAP), whether breastfeeding or placing pads are more convenient.

in the elderly should be chosen under bust and wide shoulder strap bra

in older women because estrogen decreases, shrinking breast sagging breast, easy to form a pouch. The relaxation of the breast in addition to the appearance, long drooping is bad for health, therefore need to support.

in the elderly due to obesity and more body, and muscle relaxation, and it is best to choose the chest circumference and shoulder straps wide bra, in order to reduce the backlog of the body. The elderly should be selected to support the bra, but should not be too small to avoid rims, the body produces a sense of tension in addition.

mastitis patients can choose nursing bra

a lot of people think got mastitis, breast hyperplasia, to bid farewell to a bra. Is that really true?

" in this regard, Zhang Xiao Dong said, mastitis is can wear a bra, on the contrary, especially inflammation or abscess and severe breast hypertrophy were also compared, if not wearing a bra, the breast sink will lead to increased pain. The fixed effect of the bra is effective in relieving pain.

suffers from mastitis, breast hyperplasia women, try to choose cotton bra material comfort, irritation of the material;

is recommended to choose one slightly larger bra, not too tight, local compression obviously will lead to the aggravation of inflammation and pain was

; try not to use a steel support bra, sold on the market at present lactation most without steel support bra; must try before you buy, only the feeling after wearing the right is the best.


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