Acorn first LGD SAT old master can become a stepping stone to victory

Sat the old master stepping stone Hirano

tuwanwang· 2016-06-25 12:27:25

LGD team: Hirano Aya's return to make LGD more like a collective, Marin needless to say, in the other party to mobilize a large number of resources to suppress the Marin case is still growing up and led the team to victory.


: the two sides game time: 17:00

recommended reason: LGD SAT can become a stepping stone to get victory in the first team


LGD of the Hirano Aya clan: return to make LGD more like a collective, not Marin say, a lot of resources in each other to mobilize to suppress the Marin case is still developed and led the team to victory. However, LGD team after the two game winning streak, the team met GT sniper last week, this week LGD can re set sail, worth looking forward to the audience.

SAT team: beat IG at OMG, SAT became the only LPL has not yet achieved victory in the first team. SAT team although each location has a wonderful performance, however, is still difficult to get a win, this week in the face of this league team LGD force in the late, I do not know whether it will usher in the first win.


1, South Korea AD battle: Styz SAT as the stable CARRY point, this week will face IMP as jungler March will choose? Is guaranteed under imp or LPL and other development team continue to Marin.

2, who is superior in the field of battle: the return of Hirano Aya there is no doubt that the stability of LGD. However, the controversial LGD wild combination, this week could play a stable to avoid period was SAT snowballed has also become the key of SAT can get the first win.

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