In the management of the UAV, the United States has taken a very important step


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UAV cannot in the sky flying, it has become the industry consensus, but with the progress of technology development, law to slow many.
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24 kg weight is probably what level?
Xinjiang's new 6 axis UAV theodolite M600 maximum takeoff weight is 15.1 kg, 10 kg weight of pesticide can be MG1 plant protection UAV maximum takeoff weight is only 24.5 kg, which means that Part 107 is suitable for most the civilian uav.
some purely hobbies and entertainment as a remote control model aircraft aircraft applications, or similar hot air balloon, rocket model will not be under the jurisdiction of Part 107.
in addition, overseas have legally registered in other countries, the UAV for Public Service Department of the UAV temporarily without Part 107 management.
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107 for the UAV flight is limited.
first, the UAV must fly in fly hand in the visual range and a UAV flying hand once allowed only control 1 sets of UAV flight control, shall not be transferred to other unrelated persons. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
if there is a person as an observer, it is to fly in the sight of the observer. Flying hands are not allowed to operate in a sheltered building or car, or in a moving car or plane.
under the jurisdiction of the UAV is only allowed in 30 minutes before sunrise to the sunset after 30 minutes during the flight, need to be equipped with light collision prevention. At least 3 miles of visibility in flight. If the flight area for the BCDE class control airspace, the need to apply in advance, and in the G class of non regulatory airspace can be free to fly.
American airspace classification, photo: DroneLife
if you want to wear FPV glasses to control the UAV flight, to meet the" see-and-avoid "principle of safety through other methods, namely in the visual condition of the drone to avoid obstacles. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
and the car, the UAV flight also to speed limit. Under the jurisdiction of the UAV flight altitude can not be more than 400 feet (120 meters), the maximum flight speed of 100 miles per hour.
on the market all the consumer level UAVs are unlikely to achieve such a fast flight speed, so the speed limit for a number of major professional fixed wing uav. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
in addition to the restrictions on the UAV flight, Part 107 also specifically mentioned the problem of UAV flying hand certification.
UAV fly hand needs to hold a small UAV level certification, not certified pilots need to fly on the certified personnel under the supervision of.
but, unlike the domestic game player man-machine contact without a multitude of names flight certification, FAA certification threshold is not high:
  • to complete one of the following: aviation knowledge learning through the primary knowledge of aviation test in the test center FAA license; hold certification Part 61 driver, completed a flight review within the first 24 months, and complete the online FAA provides small UAV training course

  • through the traffic safety department for review;

  • pilots age not less than 16 years old.

hold flight certification obligation before the flight flying hand on the UAV and the operating system to conduct a comprehensive inspection, if major injuries and property damages of more than $500 in flight by providing report within 10 days of FAA.
Part 107 before the introduction of the United States, there have been some UAV management measures is relatively fragmented but there is a certain appeal, the UAV registration system such as announced at the end of last year. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
this system requires the purchase of the UAV since December 21st to be registered on the FAA website. The on-line registration system in less than 1 months, more than 18 million registered user.
in addition, like 120 meters altitude, flight within visual distance requirements has almost become the industry consensus, Shenzhen zero Xplorer series UAV flying height limit of factory is 120 meters.
100 mile per hour, maximum take-off weight less than 55 pounds is far beyond the consumer level of UAV performance limits, will only affect the application part of a professional grade unmanned machine.
total the Part of the United States, 107 civilian UAV industry change is limited. Its significance lies in the fact that the United States government's attitude to civilian UAV - to encourage the development of civilian UAV within a reasonable range.
application at present, main use of civilian UAV aerial surveying and mapping, or involving image acquisition, with the development of UAV technology, Google, Amazon and other companies are also trying to explore more possibilities of uav. The addition of these companies will make the UAV gradually grow into a country that can bring economic benefits to the country.
according to the industry predicted that in the next ten years, Part 107 management rules will create more than $82 billion in revenue and more than 100 thousand new jobs for the American economy.
treat such a quite space for development of the industry, to ease the restrictions, far better than the "ban by laws and regulations. FAA director Huerta Michael said Part 107 is just the first step in the U.S. UAV management system, the next will release more management rules to expand the scope of the UAV application.
    ifanr FAA ", you can access the United States airspace classification and visual detailed information of operation regulations".
America is a love set the rules of many countries, the rules are the first in the industry to set up.
so like zero Dobby Mini UAV is a limited UAV? It's still too small to discuss.

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