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Rocket lol underestimate new equipment

tuwanwang· 2016-06-25 13:41:30

then today we do not do too much data analysis, to give you a statistical look which heroes in the possession of the rocket will be a qualitative upgrade.

recently you tell me whether in daily or qualifying competitions in the occupation should be seen on many times a rocket pack this piece of equipment, now has gradually become the mainstream of the rocket package of equipment.

this piece of equipment before coming out very much attention, and after coming out some of the crash horizon, a lot of people think that 2500 of the price to buy a VN displacement is not cost-effective. Before I was so think, until I saw the live broadcast when the first small method to find the country to take the Rockets Pino in the use of the 700 points of the strange damage when the rocket, it began to change this view.

if there is the familiar friends may remember before I wrote two articles about the analysis of rocket packs, interested friends can go to the column to browse, you better use rocket packs are of great help.

then today we do not do too much data analysis, to give you a statistical look which heroes in the possession of the rocket will be a qualitative upgrade.


analysis first we still explain to you rocket packs, lest some months do not touch the computer three party look at.

rocket pack has a very low price and good properties of the panels and the only active also make it become so far the only carry displacement effect equipment hero alliance.

although it can only be a short distance displacement, but the displacement of the release of the fire bombs will cause high and unstable damage, damage to the high and low depends on the number of hit the fire bomb.

(Note: many people may think of the previous version of male gun cheek Q, but this piece of equipment used to cheek effect is poor, the formation of similar space situation, the best distance is a range of Teemo size separated between you and the target.

) so this piece of equipment to its properties and the effect of its active panel determines that it can be two types of heroes, the first is the second outbreak of fatin, assassin type.


hero frost witch I think there are some people who have seen a recent small TOP10, a bald king inside eight seconds key operation is the use of the rocket pack to complete. Maybe a lot of people will use the E flash play female ice W ice ring and their use of strokes to imprison out the maximum AOE damage in the crowd before

, and the set of operations in a flash when not slightly embarrassed. Now there is a rocket pack help, even if there is no flash can also play a Rainbow Night explosion AOE.

" mechanical public enemy in recent games have Rambo chose rocket packs as their core, but also play a good effect.

as everyone knows, Rambo as a sustained damage to its master, and no short burst damage is the fatal weakness. Although the

/ teamfight wave can reverse the outcome, but the key in the battle group which Q can play the biggest effect is victory. The effect of

rocket packs can make it faster by using ice stick sticky melee hit continue to hurt themselves, but also let the rocket packs have a second outbreak of human capital.

evil mage

Fabregas as the same method can cause the most damage hero, is the highest League strong French hero and it is the positioning of short bursts of mage. If do not have small rocket pack master is a bouncing yodeling person, then it will be turned into a package with rockets who choose the devil bite (I was the devil, don't laugh).

small mage attacks are generally used E skills stuns the target and then use the WQR core set away, the combo that stuns the target using E. That is to say the combo in your E without a point target stun effect.

so little master with a rocket pack to combo? Use a rocket pack attack, and use the EW skills Q skills to ensure hit seal position, and then use the ultimate complete kill. Only need to make sure that the rocket pack and Q hits can easily kill a back row.

void fear insects as a fatin existence, causes it to move because of the threat of force is back the foot. But it is a pity that there is no displacement of the reason, in the absence of flash is almost impossible to threaten the back (if the Q in the words of another). Then in the

package with rockets bugs you can easily use the rocket pack +EQ with ice stick to the back of the threat.

recently and I play the trumpet with the thigh of the team has been the use of the rocket pack as the core pack.

widow maker

as a widow with special stealth mechanism of the hero, usually in her body when the enemy quickly in order to find her. While most widows don't love her and decided to carry through not instant melee.

and a small displacement rocket packs can cooperate with the widow W hit close to add instant explosion damage.

wild heart

Kennan's move as a group, usually the other will prevent the use of E / open approach this, Kennan also decided in no flash approach would be very embarrassing. In a rocket pack after Kennan can easily use E and rocket packs reached back open strokes to play the perfect control and AOE damage.

recently voidwalkers Wei God in the use of RANK to choose the advantage of Korean rocket pack this piece of equipment, the advantage as an assassin type mage one of the later period, in the current version is still a bit upset. Although the outbreak of its pre injury is not enough to spike the target, but in the case of the rocket package can play a huge amount of damage.

scarlet reaper

as the most powerful versions of fatin, vampire dubbed a battle group can absorb ten thousand wounded hero.

after the revision of his E has a very explosive AOE effect, and in the blood pool state can use the rocket package is very rogue behavior.

uses rocket and ER skills to make a lot of contributions to the vampire in a mission.

is the most suitable for the screening of many heroic rocket packs, there are a lot of heroes can also use rocket packs, here the author is not listed, you can go and try to dig. And I hope that you will take advantage of each piece of equipment to help you win the game.

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