Our discovery of combustible ice distribution area "in the cold spring on an unprecedented scale in the South China sea"

Cold spring combustible ice Pearl River Mouth Basin China's natural gas the northern South China

zhongguoningbowang· 2016-06-25 15:05:38

this morning, China geological survey released in Nangang base, following the China eastern waters of the northern slope of the South China Sea in Shenhu area and the Pearl River Mouth Basin found a large area of natural gas hydrate (combustible ice distribution), China has independently developed 4500 meters of non manned ROV hippocampus number for the first time, in the western waters of the northern South China Sea (West of the Pearl River Mouth Basin) found that active seep "unprecedented in cold spring".

"in the related distribution area of about 618 square kilometers, which has been found to have activities of the cold spring exploration area of about 350 square kilometers, the water depth of 1350 meters to 1430 meters, is rich in natural gas hydrate in shallow buried depth, only several metres below the seabed, the most shallow is only 0.15 meters, part of the region due to relatively strong methane gas a lot of leakage, authigenic carbonate exposed; distributed interactive different growth period of cold seep.

"in the spring" is a major breakthrough in the exploration of natural gas hydrate in China, further confirmed the sea area under the jurisdiction of China natural gas hydrates are widely distributed, resource potential.