This is every programmer should have a private custom

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though the road is our own choice, but we also need to have a good attitude, healthy to struggle.

when we just say goodbye to the campus become a programmer, most have the dream of success, with passion, we are full of go, good health.  

& nbsp; from a health perspective, the programmer of this occupation, there are several factors unfavorable:

programmers need to focus on. Programmers often continuously for a long time (for example, more than 8 consecutive hours to solve a bug meal to eat, sleep also think solutions) to focus on one issue, the blood consumption is very great. One of the typical examples of HUAWEI employees who have been working overtime a few years ago is a typical example.

second Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 14px; , RGB (136, 136, 136); font-family: Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 14px; "> long time meditation. Long sit in, leading to poor blood circulation of the body, often have a part of the rise and pain of the situation, which reminds you to be more exercise. In addition, sedentary stomach, excessive thinking also hurt the stomach, so many programmers have chronic gastritis, this kind of disease.

  , RGB (136, 136, 136); font-family: Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 14px;" > great mental consumption. By selling mental breadwinner programmers, continuous mental consumption, coupled with the work of the spirit of the huge pressure in the course of time, easy to suffer from headache, migraine and other illnesses.

Fourth Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 14px; , RGB (136, 136, 136); font-family: Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 14px; "> on the computer for a long time. Although it is now using LCD monitors, radiation is small, but a long time to focus on the screen, the vision of the harm is very large. Moreover, long as the liver injury, and often stay up late at night to work overtime, the programmer is easy to anger Wang, orbital pain (especially Yuyao point), red eye, etc..

as a programmer, we how to care for your body?
love their necks and shoulders: most of the occupation disease programmer lies in the neck and shoulders slightly, because of long time facing the computer, head leaning forward posture, so that your neck and shoulders under enormous pressure, in the course of time, between the neck and shoulder muscles muscle strain.

work before the hands on his shoulders and gently kneading shoulders can relieve pain and can relieve muscle, make muscle into active, better service for you, like athletes before the warm-up exercise in general. Generally every two hours so 5~15 minutes, can be very good to protect your neck and shoulders, effectively avoid the occurrence of similar diseases of scapulohumeral periarthritis.


take care of your waist: low back pain is very long time sitting or standing long time work, I deal with the long time work caused by the pain, the way is very simple: we choose the chair at the waist is prominent, just against the waist, good supporting waist, as if a person has been firmly in your hand the waist, waist so uncomfortable a lot. Many companies do not like the seat, programmers can buy a pillow pad in the back as what, very useful. There is the rest of the night to sleep on a hard bed, this is the case in many medical journals are so advocated.


love your eyes long time watching computer, the eye will be subject to. Can you put the computer next to pots of green plants, such as cactus plants, every half hour to see green plants, not only can protect the eyes, and can let you rest for a while, to improve efficiency; if the conditions can go to a window and looked at the prospect of doing or doing eye exercises, dry eyes can also choose suitable eye drops to protect your eyes. Now there are specially designed for the Internet and the design of glasses, do not know if you are willing to try.


total, the protective measures are needed to establish you in the right of life and work habits, the correct posture is very important, here I have posted a correct working posture, I let you learn to protect the health of everyone.

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