The star stocks: Zhao Wei Kuangzhuan 800 million, Sun Li paid 200 million!

Sun Li Zhao Wei star stock market

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star is how to invest their money to prevent mildew? The answer is the stock market, in recent years, more and more stars joined the ranks of investors, but not every star like Zhao Wei, a loss of earning large quantities of gold each day, hold up the star is not in the minority, today Xiaobian for everyone behind pa a grilled star stocks story. (text / Finance seven days)

Abby Zhao Wei accurate cash holdings of nearly 1 billion

according to rough statistics, Zhao Wei holds Ali pictures, Tak television and Chinese creative holdings of 3 listed companies. Zhao Wei was named "female God" is not unreasonable. Data show that in April 29, 2015 April 30th, Zhao Wei couple had two consecutive days to HK $3.9 / share price reduction aliying shares 256 million shares, representing 1.22% of total share capital, profit of approximately HK $998 million, equivalent to about 845 million yuan.

is even more important, Zhao Wei couples the price reduction and aliying the highest point of HK $4.4 per share compared to HK $0.5 per share difference only, and since the Zhao Wei couple holdings, Ali pictures shares no beyond the above two price reduction, it can be said that the reduction of timing is very accurate. Fan Bingbing invested billions of dollars in profits in Tak television

Zhao Wei mentioned, have in common with her holding shares of Fan Bingbing Tak television.

2015 in February 17th, Tak television listed on the first day, Fan Bingbing and Zhao Wei go to a show, and then wait for money.

Fan Bingbing holds about 1 million 290 thousand shares of the stock, for the top ten natural person shareholders. According to the calculation of the 17 day Tak television midday closing price, Fan Bingbing holds shares worth 42 million 420 thousand yuan. It is reported that Fan Bingbing is entering in April 2011, Tak television capital increase, the cost is only 2.3 yuan per share.

as of March 18, 2016, Tak Television s closing price of 127.78 yuan, Fan Bingbing investment income of more than 50 times, billions of dollars in profits.

"Huayi" Huang Xiaoming shares two years into billionaire

in the capital market, has the most star temperament is the Huayi brothers. 2009 gem floodgates, Huayi Brothers first listed, not only let Wang Zhongjun Wang Zhonglei two brothers quickly "rich", but also created a number of stock market star, including the famous director Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Jizhong, Li Bingbing, Luo Haiqiong, actor Huang Xiaoming, Chen Sicheng, Zhang Hanyu, Hu He etc..

2008, purchased 1 million 800 thousand shares of Huayi Huang Xiaoming to raise money to 3 yuan per share price of less than two years, Huang Xiaoming entered the ranks of billionaires with these shares fell swoop. Huayi Brothers in accordance with the first day closing price of 70.81 yuan, holding 1 million 800 thousand shares of Huang Xiaoming, the book value of up to 127 million yuan.

Sun Li said the two hundred million off

2012 in October, Sun Li to transfer payment of $9 million 140 thousand received Hairun film 2 million 540 thousand yuan contribution. In December of the same year, Sun Li will hold its Hairun film contribution of 517 thousand and 300 yuan transfer price of 16 million yuan. That is to say, Sun Li currently holds 2 million 20 thousand shares of the Sea run television has long been zero cost.

2014 in June, according to a *ST Tymoshenko restructuring plan released, Hai run the backdoor listing price of 2 billion 522 million yuan. In accordance with the previous backdoor program, Sun Li held in the hands of the Sea run film and television production Co., Ltd. equity reached 7 million 16 thousand and 200 shares, after the listing can be realized 204 million.

but in May 2015, Hai Run backdoor Tymoshenko *ST failed. Sun Li value of the market is expected to be 200 million of the carrying value of the book can not be honored.

Wu Xiubo to borrow shares waiting for cash

2011, intends to increase their investment in blue ocean happiness. Wu Xiubo acquired the opportunity to buy 4 million 660 thousand shares, the price of 9.67 yuan per share, these shares accounted for 2% of the total share capital of the happy blue ocean. But to get these stocks, Wu Xiubo took out 45 million 38 thousand and 400 yuan to the well-being of the blue ocean.

Wu Xiubo first out of the pocket to pay 5 million 38 thousand and 400, the remaining 40 million, is to hand the 2% of the shares to be secured by the mortgage borrowed. If the equity pledge loans in accordance with the annual rate of 8% to calculate, 40 million loans will generate 3 million 200 thousand yuan of interest a year.

Wu Xiubo 2011 equity pledge, he holds the stake in the company after the listing to sell these loans to obtain cash, also. But according to the shares agreement, after the blue ocean market, Wu Xiubo on the stock market has 3 years of lock up period.

at the end of December 2015 will have a happy blue ocean, if the 2016 can successfully listed, Wu Xiubo he was the earliest in 2019 to sell the stock of cash, you need to pay 8 years of interest, a total of 25 million 600 thousand yuan, such a calculation, the cost of stocks purchased Wu Xiubo happy blue ocean may be around 70 million yuan.

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