Does the baby need to open air conditioning in summer?

Baby summer air conditioning

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"content_img_p" weather is hot, think of the side to stay in the air conditioning room, while eating a big watermelon, that feel is really cool.

at this time, the baby's family, especially after the birth of the first baby in the summer to start a family, will not open a tug of war in the air conditioner. "Children don't air conditioning blowing so small, you will catch a cold", "air conditioning will be air conditioning disease" and "stay in air-conditioned rooms not barefoot, wear long sleeved pants" elders exhort, for fear of a sick baby will be like air conditioning. Can eye look at the weather day is hot, is it so hot baby? Of course not! Baby summer needs air conditioning! And must be open!

improper use of air conditioning does have the harmful effects of

a lot of elders opposed to the use of air conditioning for the baby, because it is worried about the emergence of "air conditioning disease". They may have had a feeling, such as air conditioning room for a long time the body sink, fatigue, etc., in fact, this is indeed the result of improper use of air conditioning. If

, we usually do not pay attention to, the air temperature is too low, air blowing straight baby all day, blowing air, sweat or decline directly into the air conditioning room, will hurt the baby's body, can let the baby like adults suffering from colds, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, etc..

no air conditioning in fact to the child more harm

see here, many mothers would say: so many problems, the old man would certainly not get out! Indeed, improper use will lead to the above problems, but if you do not open air conditioning it? Is it all right? In fact, do not open air conditioning on the child's greater harm! Why? Because the child's ability to regulate the temperature is not strong, high temperature is very easy to lead to the following:

, sleep is not safe

1 big summer, a word "hot", adults can not stand, not to mention the baby! Children's sweat glands and body temperature regulation center has not yet mature, the ability to regulate the temperature is far less than the adults. Temperature is too high will affect their physical function, sleep is not stable, affecting the quality of sleep.

2, easy to long prickly heat, sweat herpes, eczema

love sweating, hot weather, this time the baby will begin to grow prickly heat, eczema, how to do? Still keep your baby hot? In addition to medicine treat prickly heat is to reduce the temperature around the baby, take a bath, keep the affected area dry, no air conditioning how to guarantee?

3, dehydration or heat stroke

high temperature will make children suffering from a variety of diseases, including dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stroke. So be sure to keep the child cool, can not always so hot with the child.

air conditioning

reasonable suggestions in summary, in this summer high temperature high heat environment, no air conditioning will let the baby sleep at night, and will let the baby long prickly heat, eczema, dehydration and heatstroke. In order to give the baby a comfortable environment, please give your baby to open air conditioning! Of course, the old man's worries are not redundant, the package mother once again to remind the attention of the next girl.

1, carefully before use clean air filter

and use of air conditioning, must seriously clean air filter, air filter out of use for a long time online in your home will accumulate a lot of dust mites, mold, cleaning up the direct use of words, these will be blown into the room is very likely to cause respiratory diseases in children and the elderly.

2, the temperature is not too low, not the air blowing straight baby

temperature girls can grasp the flexible, generally about 26 degrees best. Do not heat, while cool, because the baby's body temperature regulation system is not mature, can not be very good to adapt to the frequent changes in temperature. In addition, we must pay attention to the air outlet can not be directly blown child, the wind speed should be adjusted to the lowest gear.

3, right off the air conditioning

morning and evening outside the air so slightly cool, mothers can choose to open the door or window ventilation, the children also need through hot and cold to enhance immune and thermoregulation ability. (fog and haze days even if the HA)

4, to the child is covered with a thin quilt or put on sleeping bag

open air conditioning to sleep, do not forget to cover the baby to be thin, or put on a sleeping bag, the child will sleep more comfortable.

5, sweating before entering the air conditioning room

old people against the most important reasons is that air conditioning will be cold, in fact this point depends on the child at the time of the sweat. If the air conditioning room sweating into low temperature, large temperature will cause discomfort, is likely to be cold, so the best drop of sweat before entering the air conditioning room, relatively easy to catch a cold.

the American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, has also been advising parents to use air conditioning for their children in the sweltering summer. In the hot summer, open air conditioning has also been shown to be effective in reducing infant death.

is in the hot summer, supermarkets, shopping malls, cinemas, office buildings and even hospitals, where no air conditioning? Dear old people, please do not worry too much, the reasonable use of air conditioning, will make your baby more healthy.

, there is also a recent MA in WeChat asked me whether the children have a fever, but also opened the air conditioning? Of course, have a fever cannot cover, lower the temperature of the environment is very important for the fever, children's hospital transfusion room is still open air conditioning? Such a great invention, why do you want to go with it!

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