South Korean goddess wearing Chinese costume who is the most beautiful?

Goddess South Korea Park Shin Hye Yoona

19louyule· 2016-06-26 13:14:27

[reprint] public number Yugui Han circle nowadays many Chinese dramas will find South Korean actress, for example, this year has been broadcast on the "Valkyrie Zhao Zilong" in Lim Yoona and Pu Minying, and starring Zhang Han yet broadcast "Jinyi night", today we have to take stock of those to China played costume drama Korean actress, when they also changed China costume, who do you think is the most beautiful of the other? "

"worked with South Korean actress Pu Minying Obama legs" Lee Min Ho "City Hunter", the spectrum of a false thing becomes true love, and Zhang Han cooperation "Silk night", she was wearing a pink silk costume, Long hair with thin braids, glass headdress embellishment, with handsome face makeup, slim and slender eyelashes, peach magic eye costumes, stunning the crowd.

with elegant long hair, delicate makeup, by users praise again and again like a fairy". Class= img_box "

Pu Minying dress up as Chinese costume beauty.

SNSD member Yoona, starred in the Chinese costume drama "Wu God Zhao Zilong", she was wearing a yellow Chinese traditional clothing, showing a pure and pleasant face. Class= img_box "

Yoona's costume modeling is very aura.

Park Shin Hye young appearance is very pure and lovely.

is actually the cooperation between China and South Korea movie, but the movie story happened in the yuan dynasty.

Jang Na Ra believes that many 90 are not unfamiliar, she played in "Diaomangongzhu" in situ static son left a deep impression. Class= img_box "

Jang Na Ra's costume modeling. Class= img_box "

Jang Na Ra early played many Chinese ancient costume drama.

(source: Tencent entertainment)

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