Who says lust is just the right eye? SONY headphones

SONY headphones right just

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"content_img_p" auditory ability to make people happy, not inferior to the visual.

you hear good songs, happiness is not inferior to encounter in the street a handsome guards.

besides, let alone encounter a nice boy how hard it is.

sound is also loyal to you. It's hard to fake. Class= img_box "

Wong Kar Wai said, a person can pretend to be happy, but the sound can not be installed, carefully listen to know.

to listen to a more real world, it is worth using a good headset.

if plaything Zhi recommended headset, SONY h.ear Series in the list.

first color value is high, bright and colorful appearance, let such as "Jun amorist" plaything is hard to resist.

is the most rare, so beautiful, not empty have a good body, sound strength is favorably.

h.ear class= SONY series

of SONY h.ear series, "hear" and "H" after a little ingenuity, cleverly emphasized the "ear".

series of products all have Hi-Res HD quality, Hi-Res (Audio Hi-Res), that is, "high resolution audio".

in simple terms, this represents the highest quality standard of SONY music, almost can be understood again for the studio recordings.

SONY h.ear series wireless Bluetooth support, and support the LDAC protocol, a simple example, more like lane highway, space width, transmission quality can be retained to the greatest extent, naturally more hd.

NC flagship excellent noise reduction function, like a filter, to filter out impurities, muddy water also instantly become pure and delicious. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" all this is calling you: listen, listen carefully with ears. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to listen to a more modest, but the real voice. Class= img_box "

heard the world's breathing

a day from the sound of the alarm clock to hear the sound of the alarm clock.

silent ears gradually revived, then the bathroom ringing sound vibration electric toothbrush powerful (if adequate power), the toilet flush is up.

judging from the sound, the street breakfast shop just opened the door for half an hour. About every 5.7 minutes there was a loud whistle on the road.

bus stop, open the door will breathe. On the sidewalk, a balanced car with a sticky friction sound over the sidewalk.

at the peak of the subway, can hear the rhythm of the rhythm of the mobile phone screen. Evening rush hour traffic jam, the road crowded car collective sigh.

bus card "drop" sound with the "drop" sound to punch the difference of half tone, different temperature and humidity, air conditioning breath sound position is not the same.

with his family to open the door of the key sound, from the sound of knocking the keyboard can identify the identity of the person. Quiet, can hear the next door colleagues wearing headphones to listen to "love".

by eating pasta and drink Iced Coffee voice, decided to strangers. Eat like to eat, with the coping style of the fill belly, there are different chewing sound.

can say "winter itch itch" heard yellow snow trampled, the summer can be heard shouting in the beer bubble burst, at a temperature of 36.2 DEG C melting ice cream. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to listen to the concert, not to see the concert. Listen to the singer rap fast clever air, listen to the rhythm of wave introduction.

to the sea, and not see the sea. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to listen to the heart, rather than look at the image.

for a pair of HD ear

on earth, Cervantes said, music is the eye of the ear.

SONY h.ear series, is the VR of this pair of eyes, immersive experience.

for example when listening to a cappella version of "sweet honey", was sound very clean, will become more clear as three-dimensional, Luhan in your ears softly sing. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p", this is not impossible! SONY

h.ear series, the endorsement from red to burst Luhan as guards Yan value may be misinterpreted as the strength of music.

high Yan values are often more likely to be misunderstood, but Luhan and h.ear series, with the strength to break the vase prejudice.

SONY h.ear three series products of

headset headset

h.ear on Wireless NC

" tide, simple and elegant style, with a sense of metal Sao bright color, full of cool.

h.ear on Wireless NC

SONY headset price: 1999 yuan

in SONY in Wireless

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the most cool Styling" black technology, specially designed for human body curved neck, comfortably hung on the neck, there is no burden.

h.ear in Wireless

SONY headset price: 1099 yuan

SONY Bluetooth speaker

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[young people now, which can have a Bluetooth speaker. Class= "img_box" id= "

SONY Bluetooth speaker go h.ear excellent heavy bass performance, portable and stylish. SONY

Bluetooth speaker h.ear go

price: 1599 yuan

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Who says lust is just the right eye? SONY headphones