Dou Jingtong carrying his girlfriend lovers loaded roaming London exposure!

London Dou Jingtong lovers girlfriend

nandouyulezhoukan· 2016-06-26 13:15:47

Faye Wong's eldest daughter, Dou Jingtong, has become a public focus since the birth of a child, who let Faye Wong is a day later! When Faye Wong announced the end of this year will be held in Shanghai, the one and only the concert will be the stage with Dou Jingtong, but Dou Jingtong silk do not mind this thing, but in the UK and same-sex friends to show affection!!!

6 24, Britain from the European Union made headlines around the world, and still the egg, even the turmoil in the world can not stop the sinus Jingtong show affection.

London time on the evening of 22, Dou Jingtong did not receive any impact, but do not mind any human eyes, and his girlfriend couples dress roaming in London, two people in the subway by enthusiastic users caught ....

careful friends to take two people wearing black shirts and trousers in the subway ↓ ↓ ↓

in addition to couples dress, wearing shoes

has speculated that this woman is not before kissing in public. Girl?

contrast after the discovery, 100% anastomosis!!! ↓ ↓ ↓

" yes, there is no doubt that she! Dou Jingtong's girlfriend English name is Rebecca Tsang

Rebecca and micro-blog have also exposed the traces of

time is in June 22nd, and Jingtong sinus candlelight dinner ↓ ↓ ↓

to enlarge the menu you can see the monetary settlement symbol above is £ £ £

all indications, sinus Jing Tong indeed in London two of the world!

at this time Britain is holding a referendum, Dou Jingtong chose London??

turned out that London is the headquarters of his girlfriend Rebecca!!!

according to reports, Tsang Rebecca was born in Hongkong, studied at the London College of fashion, but also to create a personal brand name in english. Also opened a store, a coat to sell more than 3 thousand! But this style of clothes, the less is not Hold, ↓ &darr Different people, different views.. ↓

is Rebecca or Angelababy clothing design division. Dou Jingtong's first concert of clothing, is the female friend design.

Rebecca a few years older than Dou Jingtong, if it is a solid, have a unique style of sisterly love is ~

Rebecca, 23 years old this year, this year March was photographed and the 19 year old Dou Jingtong Dou Jingtong together, fingers intertwined, critical to the Man side, there is no sense of violation and!

earlier Dou Jingtong and his girlfriend in public kissing in public is shoot

< /p>

Rebecca has been quietly supporting sinus Jing tong. Last October, his girlfriend Rebecca also issued a document called the sinus Jingtong is her prince!

Rebecca type or as an understanding wife and loving mother make dumplings (like o, o

name Rebecca Tsang

Tsang, in Hongkong in May for [Cantonese Pinyin once], so Rebecca is likely to be surnamed zeng.

Rebecca's mother, 47 years old, is located in Qingdao, also appeared in Beijing.

Rebecca's mother is also very concerned about her daughter, even in the UK also, regular contact, terms of endearment, touching.

in this dialogue, can be seen as early as 2012, Rebecca had to go to London University in the normal college age projected down now has over 20 years of age, and Dou Jingtong is 19 years old this year, so that once the love needless to say, is one of the living sisters love ~~~~

in the figure above, Rebecca's mother affectionately called her "", and Tsang

Rebecca are Cantonese Pinyin, the name is "" had a party???

(the name is purely fictitious and any similarity is purely coincidental.

Rebecca's mother for the new QQ number, and thousands of miles away the daughter of class= contact

Faye Wong Buddha, known as "


Rebecca's mother and Faye Wong as a Buddhist, also... "Img_box"....

so if the innocence of Rebecca and sinus Jing together? ...!!! Don't look for Na Ying

Faye Wong Buddha 23333333

Zen enlightenment guess daughter's future... To face the coming out, two mother did not make too much said. Rebecca's mother was pleased to learn that her daughter was single and sent her a blessing!

it seems that Rebecca's mother believes that her daughter's happiness is the most important!

for the future of Dou Jingtong, Faye Wong Li Yapeng and buddy Carina Lau have also expressed support for

two people together and happy ~

and Dou Jingtong Rebecca are happy, have a good show common mother, Dou Jingtong and Rebecca from May to life in a foreign country, thoughts become more avant-garde, everything open. Dou Jingtong has said: "no matter"!

see so affectionate, so dog abuse, and get the support, the less pleased. After returning to

if really has new progress, a little wife who still hold a tolerant attitude with eating dog food to send blessings. ~~~

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