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Friday on the hand piece are concerned, is undoubtedly a big, wayward British people said Europe off off Europe, this magical reality makes me feel even tell me tomorrow trump really become the president of the United States I can calm to say congratulations to him. Hand fanliao micro-blog, "read the topic of the British off the European referendum" has reached 780 million, and took a look at the Twitter, a "Brexit" (UK and Europe) for tweets the discussion number has reached   more than 550 thousand, in the topic of Snowden's tweet was 47 thousand forwarding.

Snowden on twitter said:" box-sizing:

" whatever the final outcome, to show off the European referendum half a country's people are able to quickly be persuaded to support a choice against their interests, the it is worth all people to ponder. "

for the break up of the historic events, many scholars were, this is people's personal emotions overcame rational results, Lenovo to the U.S. election all, I don't think the age of the Internet, can be analyzed for one reason why people are obviously more and more material, but become more emotional and full of prejudices? The reason is not easy, but thinking and always need to adjust, so when I picked up the fortieth mobile phone brush circle of friends, the inspiration that come, maybe, we can find the reason from the social network......

< /strong> Trong> selectively ignore their love

us forecast expert Nat Silver in "preface a signal and noise" mentioned in the book: "

"; when the information is growing faster than people deal with information and distinguish the speed of information, sharing of information is growing but will accelerate the process of national isolation and religion, its speed can not help but be struck dumb. And in the face of excess information, we will instinctively choose love, screening, ignoring other friends, colleagues, and disagree enemies. "Style= box-sizing:" border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px line-height:; 1.7rem

the selection mechanism of the brain actually have a special noun can be summarized: selective perception (selective perception), which refers to people often to their own interest and experience to understand other people or things, to some extent is people are born with a perceived bias, and social networks have undoubtedly exacerbated the operation of this mechanism .

social network in the city population penetration has very deep, it even has become the main channel of access to information for people in the city now.

so when you search for a hot event in the social network, because the information is too fragmented, complex, and you will have a set your own independent search system, but the in fact every time you search behavior are imperceptible to strengthen your existing views.

< /strong> Trong> on the big data will bring what

when you select information entrance right handed people, must bear the potential risks of which will bring. When you can see the information in accordance with their preference and with their like-minded friends to see on the platform, you have to draw a circle, the circle to make your message and position more and more single, especially the situation mainly in the social interest oriented Twitter platform. So what will the barriers of these circles bring to us?

are you sometimes wonder why the circle of friends the highest amount of reading Chinese tips, pension knowledge, sooner or later you seem to have never seen an chicken soup, or with haven't met in a long time talk about a friend in your circle of friends brush an article nearly half he seemed completely unaware. This is not surprising, , as you and your parents circle of friends, it may be completely is far apart from each other two parallel lines.

in your circle, you will feel absolutely comfortable, because your values and everyone is completely consistent, gradually, the consistent message began to brainwash you, you begin to believe that they are right. And dare to confidently to attack those people who disagree with their. The power of the group to unite people together to lose their rational judgment, the group of different views and positions of conflict also more and more.

Style= font-weight: "bold trong> net red and the impact of the big V in the end how much? Style=

social media as a form of mass communication, also has this property. Although all users may sound through social media, but elites can often use their social status and capital advantage in the social media have more right to speak, they are usually the most widely spread content producer . And social media in the grassroots users will be more subtle to follow their attention to the opinions of leaders issued by the information, which led to the growing gap between different sectors. Once you accept this class setting, the opinion leaders have become an infusion of your ideas. Will this bias? I can't be the next. But I think this situation will make people blindly worship those who have more resources, in fact, in a sense, also gave birth to the ideological bias.

"" said Xunzi demasking "box-sizing:,

"mortal with the shield in the dark on a Dali. "

it is people's understanding, due to the limitations of the scope of vision and feast practice, most easy to be fooled by local small reason, but can not see, do not recognize the global truth. For us in social networks, this limitation is that we are in the circle of it, never on their own correct firmly believe that this is what we want to often say to their own words.


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