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2016 is a "biochemical crisis" series of the 20 anniversary of the birth, shortly before the end of the 2016 E3 game show, "Resident Evil 7" released as a bomb detonated the audience, but it is a pity that the generation of this year will definitely miss the anniversary series. In this important node rod battle indeed some justified, so Karp let propaganda somewhat low-key new biochemical crisis: "umbrella" team took this year to celebrate this banner.

"umbrella group" does not belong to the orthodox biochemical crisis series, first saw the game in the PVP mode and the trailer main in the familiar Raccoon City, believe many game player will think of biochemical crisis years ago that outsourcing, and reputation is very the "operation Raccoon City". But the difference is that the Capcom personally developed by this company, at the same time the game producer said with confidence, will use this game to triage those shooting elements of the favorite traditional biochemical crisis in the works of the game player. So "Resident Evil: the protection of the parachute squad," really can afford to play the players and fans look forward to it?

"biochemical crisis" series this year is the 20 anniversary of the birth of

images and the expressive force of poor overall quality by Capcom

although the society development, but is the "umbrella" team did not use the usual MT Framework series engine, but the use of "famous" Unity engine. Must have a lot of Chinese Mobile Games Webpage Game game player has on the engine and practitioners are very familiar with, but I believe that Unity can not control the traditional 3A game is actually a kind of prejudice, but apparently the biochemical crisis: "umbrella" team not to break this stereotype prejudice works. Overall, the game's quality is mediocre, as only a landing this generation platform (PS4/PC) works, whether it is material, light, scene map or particle effects, are barely a few years ago and the average was flat, only a small part of the game character texture slightly carefully. Although the quality of biochemical crisis series has long been a long time not to keep up with the industry mainstream level, but the picture behind the magnitude of the big or amazing. Classic scene

"img_box" id=

indoor map really memorable shabby

although the picture is backward, but still some feelings. This provides basic map is a classic scene appeared in the Resident Evil Series in the works, from the "Resident Evil 2" police, "Resident Evil 4" Villages "to Lan Xiang biochemical crisis 6", a classic scene including several series of previous works, such as "Resident Evil:" Veronica "because of the age in the picture behind the engraved down is to distribute the new vitality. A starved camel is bigger than the classic scene, how many will still make a miss and moved the old game player.

classic "Resident Evil 4" village of

but the picture slag is also even, the game sound is also difficult to be satisfactory, most of the sound material directly from the "Resident Evil 6", between the characters lack of infectious. And impressive. In contrast, a few pieces of background music when the Guild Wars appears to be fairly good, can successfully mobilize the atmosphere of the war, but also limited to this.

single player mode of the

"umbrella squad" is a flagship PVP multiplayer online game, so it does not have the exclusive single story mode. Provides a similar single survival challenge The Experiment mode but the production group, the basic rules of DNA Hunter mode consistent with the multiplayer mode in a small map constantly awakening zombie hunting, collecting dropped from them the DNA items in the target before the completion of guaranteed death. It is something like a mercenary mode variant, whenever you complete a level, the game will unlock the next level, this gradual single mode to unlock with 20 points, some may be able to repeat the challenge game player meet love. But the design essence of the survival mode, just put the map of the location and type of material change, and enhance the AI and strength of the enemy, there is no independent story and gameplay of the lack of change, make the single player mode was just a product of do things carelessly.

single mode is simple survival mode copy paste

supports up to 3V3 not how to understand battle mode

single mode, after all, many people online confrontation is the selling point. Biochemical crisis: "many people" the umbrella squad for the largest battle for 3V3 (well, you're not wrong, when sudden chug game has been to 64 scale development, this supports a maximum of 6 ~), the game also offers the choice of private competition, online multiplayer competition, qualifying multiplayer race mode. Small class= model

multi task of

"umbrella team battle mode" 3V3 confrontation usually consists of 8 different winning goals, divided into 5 innings 3, each game will randomly switch to any a model, these models respectively in the above mentioned DNA (Hunter kill zombies collection DNA), traditional points, accounted for protection of important goals. According to different models, the team in a timely manner to play and interact with each other is very important. In addition can be based on this will be more people against the Life Match One (a life mode), the victory conditions are not the same, but each player can not be reborn after the death of. The battle of

link Click to view the video

in the mediocre multiplayer mode, each map is small, so although only 3V3 but the game player hit the frequency point is not low, this also let the battle rhythm is more compact. In addition, since the name of "biochemical crisis" of the plaque, and the other people against the biggest difference in the game is of course all over the map or biochemical Zombie Rampage villagers. Each agent is equipped with umbrella behind a biochemical interference device, as long as the interference is not damaged, even if you are a zombie these only Zhichizhiyao, they still will blind you. Because each map enemy density is not low, but these seem stiff action zombie attack is not low, just under two you have to see the death, so the jammer has become a battle game player who will give priority to the destruction of the target.


melee play this for the battle and play some small scale similar to the atmosphere of war "Rainbow Six: Siege" and "Counter Strike", often close to the conflict between the game player, CQB (Close Quarter Battle indoor war close elements) is prominent in this, some when even a little out of control. Due to high volume figures, defense means a lot, plus moving faster, thus rapidly approaching the enemy is not a difficult task. In the game, each agent will be the standard for the Cronus bending pick, pick this in addition to help you quickly climb to the favorable terrain, but also your melee weapons.

and the seemingly ordinary weapons actually has a strong power, and can achieve a shot by Pactrometer effect, in addition to the striking surface nor Chang Guang (a sector for the front). This powerful melee weapon with Xueniu will cause the game character a very funny actual effect: many game player will directly in a short distance began to take a pick to maintain a state of defense, usually with a gun at game player beat to death these "death squads"; he had a close, you will is a melee weapon seckill directly in this case, firearms but seem to be some chicken ribs. Of course, the game is really set back if the means, at the exact time of press melee counterattack is to delay will not let you be even seckill anti kill each other, but there is another problem, it is directly connected to the delay game really touching, it becomes a simple melee game network competition.

anti human perspective with the cumbersome operation of

if I said this shooting game simply can not be happy to play with mouse keys, you believe it? Resident Evil: the most difficult place to put in the umbrella squad is the third person, the more shoulder view and the more difficult to catch. Don't complain about the narrow FOV, the PC version of the poor transplantation, let me feel like playing keyboard and mouse operation rocker simulator. Remove these because of poor transplantation brings bad experience, dull and heavy operation is the character version equally, I believe many people just look at the official propaganda film of the figure skating movement. The instability of the coupled network, such as an online shooting game is game player's nightmare.

as a multiplayer game, the quality of the network is a very important factor in

upgrade and character customization options

which is originally a need not boast, but given the quality of the work really unbearable, but to get alone it boast about. Multiplayer mode, the upgrade for you to unlock a lot more powerful weapons as well as accessories, but also a number of tricks up to a few games within the appearance of custom settings. From their armor to jammers, helmets and other props and equipment support custom, and optional icons and fancy is quite rich, if you buy the deluxe edition, you can even put his head into the classic role of biochemical crisis in the series, such as Chris, Jack, wesker.

this can customize something quite


biochemical crisis: "umbrella team" can be viewed as part of a series of biochemical Capcom about the future development strategy, production of various elements will try to peel the traditional "biochemical crisis" works and broken open, and those who love to please fans of biochemical action shooting style. However, the low end of the screen, the touch of slag and the touch of pure PVP mode, so that the work is not destined to become what the big. Plane to the game's surface is not much of a flash point, its core is just a set of cheap sense of biochemical leather full of shooting games. If the "umbrella" team for some less picky fans are attractive to the biochemical crisis, so the quality is really want to carry the series of action shooting elements of the beam, completely is just a joke.

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game name: biochemical crisis: umbrella team

platform: PC/PS4/XB1

release: CAPCOM

development: CAPCOM

score: quality and heavy

- classic map

+ rich 6.0

advantages disadvantages figure

+ familiar with the custom option behind the action figures called

- is shooting and combat experience single link / soy sauce

- multiplayer network environment

- mediocre model


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