Girls in the Dongguan club drugs: no money to be beautiful

Dongguan club spend girl

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2009", 18 year old Bing Bing gave birth to a son. She said, because and ex husband broke up too sad, so you want to use drugs to numb themselves. Days in Dongguan, Bing Bing took a whole year poison: she often with the sisters to a top private club "Hi", a private room can accommodate hundreds of people. As for how much consumption, she said: "don't spend money, they say good-looking girls don't have money. "Bing Bing love to laugh, from the first to see the beginning, she was laughing, even if it is not good to talk about their past experience, she is laughing. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

25 year old Bing Bing came to Sanshui Kang Fu Yuan has been a year and a half, with the moment, she just finished the work in the workshop, far to see her, holding a pink parasol. Riding a bike back to the dormitory. In this full of youthful spirit at the age of more than and 20, the original good mood, but because the drugs become reduced to fragments. Bing Bing used to learn to dance and sisters together in the back of the Phoenix, the early years, she danced in the bar, earn one hundred or two hundred yuan per night. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

" the first two days of the year, Bing Bing and his classmates to see friends in KTV, the other to come up with the white powder, directly tell them this is the K powder, said "we don't want to touch, but they say drug addicts have face, then secretly placed in the cup, the students do not play ran away, I learned later this is a drug. Bing Bing said. Pictures from the earlier Bing Bing mobile phone, photo makeup and dress up and she's now state. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

first attempt, dizziness and nausea let her produce resistance to drugs, she also began to dislike the network, in the second half, Bing Bing dropped out of school. The parents are busy with the business of Bing Bing lax discipline, she became a frequent visitor to KTV where she met the man of her life change. (from: Tencent big Guangdong Network) class=

was Bing Bing called "the child his father" of the man, is also a drug users. In 2009, 18 year old Bing Bing gave birth to a son, the child his father also took drugs, before being caught once, he took me to play, that time has just become addicted, and later went to Dongguan to play every night. "Bing Bing loves to laugh, even if it is not happy about the past experience, she also laughed. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

children at the age of 3 months was weaned, the conflict between the family character, let two people decided to separate, the children followed the man, Bing Bing said, his love of freedom, love to play fear not, give children a good education. Bing Bing after breaking up never seen the child side, although they want to see the child, but the child his father and married again, so I do not want to disturb him. "Bing Bing's right hand with the bracelet, she said, according to the custom of my hometown, a divorced woman with this bracelet. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

2012, Bing Bing opened a clothing store in Dongguan, began his "night life" of life, at the same time, the second time Bing Bing met with drugs. Bing Bing said, because the breakup and ex husband make yourself too sad, want to numb themselves with drugs, she naively thought himself in such a way as revenge for him, "why men can go to play, go to the drug, that time will feel very unfair, let a friend took me to play, friends say the one or two suction. "(from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

days in Dongguan, Bing Bing took a whole year poison," "happy water" and "Ma Gu" these, the spirit of vibration when refreshing suck two ice I will continue to Hi, contact with the people, the more money the more drug. "Bing Bing said," a few times to know with sister's boyfriend, in a top private clubs, where one night spending tens of thousands, more than and 100 large rooms, and DJ playing disc. "When asked how much drug, Bing Bing's answer is beyond all expectations but like in reason:" don't spend money, they say good-looking girls don't have money. "(from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

2013, Dongguan strict drug-related entertainment, was arrested after a friend told her not to come out to play, see this case ice back to my hometown in Maoming, at the same time, she my mother found himself taking drugs. "At that time, the state of mind is very poor, weighing only more than and 80 pounds, but I lied to her no drug abuse, told her that she would not have to quit addiction. Bing Bing said. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

, but eventually she did not break the mother, in May 2013, Bing Bing and his mother went to Guangzhou Baiyun voluntary rehabilitation hospital, after 15 days of treatment, Bing Bing's home. Not long after, let her mother and aunt to Sanshui Kang Fu Yuan "work", "thought is to come here to work, came to know cheated. "(from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

in Sanshui Kang Fu Yuan management system for small free and easy Bing Bing is a bound, only in this 5 days, she ran away. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

" after returning home, she was sent back to the Kang Fuyuan family, relying on the School District Association, the old staff thought enlighten chat, slowly change. Every time Bing Bing leave out, the early morning of the second day back after going to urine. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

here, Bing Bing mainly measuring electric work in the workshop, which is according to each person's physical distribution work, every month she can get a salary ranging from 1000~2000 yuan, the day fixed wage night 65 yuan, plus overtime. The drug makes her body more weakness, headache after meth can't sleep, sleep, or even hallucinogenic, sometimes bleeding, now sleep is normal, but not physical exercise for a long time, easy to edema. "Bing Bing in the shop Kang Fu Yuan mainly do the measurement of electrical work. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

to Kang Fuyuan one and a half years, Bing Bing feel that they have been able to put things in the past, have to return to the society. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

one day, she told the police to the expression of the idea of Fuyuan Kang a series of tests for Bing Bing, there is a sandbox game, you can put yourself in in the above scenario. In this table, and Bing Bing put up the house, windmill windmill, windmill, vegetable, she hopes to bring good luck for her. But in the Kang Fu Yuan policeman, two counselors Zhang Shanshan view, the sandbox is not perfect, "there is no figure, she said a lack of confidence, also do not dare to enter the society, we think her rehabilitation is effective, but is not suitable for return to society. "Bing Bing's paint on the hands of a job. (from the Tencent: Guangdong Net)

about the future, Bing Bing paused, her ideal is, hope to be able to find a good home for the party, don't mind being married and had children, but "the future is uncertain, can only go one step, who knows? "(from: Tencent, Guangdong Network)

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