Wang Shi should not be universally condemned, treasure can not

Wang Shi comer reform real estate

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Author: He Gang ("Harvard Business Review" Chinese editor and the "financial" magazine executive editor

) Vanke equity dispute drama, the afternoon of June 26th another major changes: Vanke announced the new requirements of the first unit of the Dongbao Department of energy, held a provisional shareholders meeting, including Wang Shi and Yu Liang, from the current 11 directors and 1 supervisors. Can a treasure materials department then publicly, described three reasons for the motion of the implementation of the 2014: Vanke business partner system has never disclosed to investors, Vanke has become contrary to the relevant laws and regulations of the internal control of the company, Wang Shi over the past few years out of work but improper access to more than 5000 cash payment, so the treasure the Department called for all shareholders to support its proposal. Although the possibility of

as early as expected, but see this figure poor dagger at the announcement on a hot day, many people still feel cold back. As the largest shareholder of the company, Department of natural treasure can have the right to make any beneficial move, but in the face of fierce competition for equity, have more right to speak of the capital is willful, onlookers inevitably There were many discussions.

more emotion around Wang Shi and produce. Some people think he deserved it, who let him and the management team did not take the holding of shares, the 30 years of hard work, in the end is to look at the capital face, that face out insults. He also criticized in recent years much work, Mount Everest or do public also just, but also take a few years to go to Harvard, Cambridge to study, it is inconsistent with the identity of the chairman, living a full-time job done part-time. More people laughed at his private life, and love Star Ms. Tian too high-profile, from a respected entrepreneur, turned to be pointing male stars, so all kinds of scripts, then emerged, is not to Wang Shi consumption enough to never give up means.

objectively speaking, these critics even ridicule, Wang Shi had to bear, because most of them is the fact, especially in Chinese such a specific environment, capital to speak, part-time accused of love Wang Shi has cited criticism, some maverick practices are not universally accepted, which can only be helpless oh.

, however, all this talk, ignore an important fact: Wang Shi as the founder of Vanke, as Chinese and reform the simultaneous development of the entrepreneur, spent the past 30 years of development through sound and rapid, has repeatedly proved that he is not only qualified, but also is a rare excellent entrepreneur. He is not doing real estate, one of the earliest, is not the most resource companies, but Vanke always lead the industry development, become the undisputed first estate brand and the size of the first generation of the same industry and company, how many cattle X sparkling real estate tycoon has long been to severe tests of high-speed growth, Vanke still ranked first China real estate company, only by this, any of Wang Shi as entrepreneurs are criticized, regardless of severity, even upside down.

is the most worth mentioning is the number of years, he studied and paid about 50000000. What is a qualified company chairman? Go to work every day and care about everything, and constantly give personal advice so busy? Still, big decisions, take it leisurely and unoppressively full power and responsibility? In the traditional sense, we may choose the former; but a little bit of modern consciousness and global vision of people, at least not that choose the latter. Look at the British Virgin Group founder and chairman Richard · Branson, what is life, freedom, a powerful and unconstrained style rich life, he really used in company management time, only a fraction of total time less, but does not seem to be what people accused him of worthless, nothing more than two reasons: the company is doing his.

put aside equity issues, which involved Wang Shi why and the management team to give up so many shares, said the chairman of the board of responsibility: the need to manage the event. What is a big deal? Nothing more than three aspects of Liu Chuanzhi said: the strategy, the construction team, with the team. How did Wang Shi do these things? Vanke's overall strategy is good? Performance stability? Yu Liang led the management team stick is not good? Do they manage well? Employees, shareholders and the market has a conclusion, from the industry observation and comparison, Wang Shi may not be the best of the chairman, but certainly not unbearable to be the new major shareholder of the public offer to recall the point.

Wang Shi for 4 years with about 50000000 reward, he is using the board of directors (long) authority for personal gain, and he deserves it, it is not difficult to see clearly. 2011 so far, Vanke annual income of billions of billions of profits, the chairman of the annual average of about 10000000 of revenue, accounting for about 1/10000 of the company's total revenue or profit of 1/1000. This ratio is much less, please compare the earnings of other A shares of non state holding listed companies or the world's same type of company chairman.

had determined Vanke executive salary standard, from the beginning, in fact to be considered when they give up the management team of a large proportion of the shareholding opportunity, otherwise today Wang Shi personal annual income of more than a mere ten million yuan. According to 2015 annual net profit of about 10000000000 yuan, even if Wang Shi only holds 1% of the shares, then his annual income should also be on the billion, if he holds 5% or 10% of the shares it?

since this is so, where is the problem? why can the Department of treasure Wang Shi will want to go and then fast? Some people say that this is not the original Wang Shi to treasure to face retribution, but it is more directly related to the treasure can what kind of company, why do they have to pay a stake Vanke , why from the beginning Wang Shi as the management is not representative of the proportion of shareholding, does not welcome Boland department?

at the end of the day, Boland department and Vanke, from concept to commercial style are misfits company, if it is said that legal capital is not high, in the equity capital markets and the company should be equal, but different capital holders, what are more rules to do so we are more comfortable, and more do you use the rule not so comfortable, business people is not difficult to see at a glance, onlookers even though initially unknown, with developments can be roughly understood.

now, it can treasure to the so-called legitimate way is very fierce, confirmed that Wang Shi had not to judge their Weakness lends wings to rumours. The external observer can not malicious speculation attempt to treasure, but its hostile overbearing potential is uncertain, Wang Shi and Vanke Vanke management and directors and supervisors shall, so far as. The fierce

in such a public battle, with a leading real estate company founder China is great, with a fairly good corporate management team executives, treat a Chinese in corporate governance level in the upper reaches of the board of directors, treasure can be expressed, I am afraid that is not only for all shareholders. But the company control of the fight at outrance. This is the Vanke brand, and team performance may bring the impact of treasure can the rationality of evaluation, understand?

assume that the proposal will eventually be accepted by the shareholders of the general assembly, the loss of Wang Shi and Yu Liang's diplomatic company, will be in the next period of time in what kind of turbulence changes? All shareholders, especially the interests of small shareholders is a serious injury, or will be better protected, the current point of view is also unknown. In the capital market, the unknown, a lot of time is the risk.

but one thing is clear, no matter how the next developments, Wang Shi as the founder and chairman of Vanke's position was in jeopardy; no matter in decent or embarrassing way, he had to say goodbye to 170000 head position, should also be a high probability event in the future, unless some changes than expected or powerful forces involved, otherwise, the top of Vanke's restructuring will be difficult to avoid, no matter from which point of view, this is a significant change in the way, or will the so-called winners to emerge.

in the global business history, the founder was expelled in after the company bigger is not uncommon, had voted overwhelmingly to struggle and shareholders and the board of directors, often people once thought away the founder decided very correct, but then the story usually shows that < strong> regarded as the life of company founder, especially created successful founders away, usually means the spirit of death of this company and the subsequent performance of ups and downs, recession or failure .

only once lucky is apple, Jobs was off after Apple has plummeted, board ultimately bring him back, under the leadership of Jobs, Apple has created so far is still in the continuation of the unprecedented success. The problem is, if the future Vanke crisis, to Chinese reality and Wang Shi's personality, age, he and the other might be to get rid of Vanke management, if there is time and again and revive the heart of Vanke? Think about these deeper problems

, if the fry a left the shareholders do not care, as the state-owned capital and long-term shareholders of Huarun, should think: who is, in what way, can really make Vanke become better? At present the chaos to strike violently nearly out of control, is not the best way to settle disputes?

no matter from which point of view, from last year, China Vanke equity dispute, it is China to the full market economy in the process of the transformation of a rare company equity and governance cases. Or, from the earlier Vanke restructuring and even Vanke business so far, this company represents the positive significance of the typical Chinese style growth, but also failed to avoid becoming the negative demonstration of a typical Chinese style.

for Wang Shi, regardless of the outcome of the matter, whether decent or awkward, perhaps no longer important. Because who can not deny that he grew up as a Chinese native has the bottom line, the ability of outstanding entrepreneurs in the historical position . Of course, he was in the company's equity, governance and management, and other aspects of the lesson, but also worth the later. But in addition to his private morality, tolerance and respect, there is no more about the rights of foreigners, at least respect for him, is our weight. Class= img_box "

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