Nvzei baby cover delegation to Yantai to steal more than and 300 mobile phone

Baby holding mobile phone market baby Laishan cover

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on the morning of 24, centralized reimbursement of Laishan public security recently seized more than and 300 mobile phone and other items, more than and 200 people to reclaim stolen goods. Reporters learned that the theft of a mobile phone gang was composed of a number of young mothers, they come from the field to smoke, holding the child specifically in shopping malls, buses and other crowded places for the implementation of theft.

reporter Liu Bin correspondent Deng

you lift the supermarket windshield curtain when she was two or three seconds to steal mobile phone

24 in the morning, in the Laishan police set returned the stolen goods site, the reporter saw a table full of every kind of mobile phone, which Apple mobile phone are to lead the people waiting for stolen goods a long queue, the day more than and 200 people to reclaim stolen goods. "Most of the more than and 300 cell phones are apple phones, and they are relatively new." Police investigators said that the unexpected is that most of the mobile phone is a group of young women from the implementation of the theft, they mostly hold the child when the cover, generally will not cause the attention of the stolen.

according to the introduction, in the year after the Lantern Festival, many universities in Laishan have started back to school, University City area businesses lively, but also a mobile phone theft.

February 16th, senior small Yan to the supermarket to buy supplies for the new semester. The small Yan call when the hands of the new Apple 6 mobile phone has been targeted, small Yan Lin into the mall before the mobile phone into the side pocket of clothes, when she went to the door of the lift mall windshield curtain, a hand with lightning speed into her pocket and stole her mobile phone.

such a lost cell phone case, Laishan public security 110 almost every day from the year after receiving a few. Lost mobile phone crowd of more than 80% of young people or college students, these people use the phone, mostly for the value of 3000 yuan to 6000 yuan ranging from high-end mobile phones. Police reports, from the analysis of the case, the perpetrators are likely to be a gang, sometimes a day focused on six or seven cases. The incident is concentrated in a period of time, the suspect's anti detection ability is very strong, the speed of the crime, the most beginning of dozens of reporting, monitoring and the scene did not leave a trace.

from the police have stolen video case together, it was a woman with a baby in her arms, lifted the curtain in the mall windshield a victim, the victim side pocket mobile phone stolen moments.

Nvzei have child crime immediately after the transfer of

after an investigation, police gradually mastered the crime law "mother group, nine women each with a child, living in Qingdao Jiaozhou, every few days, they rushed to the Yantai black rental. Black rental generally stopped in Zhifu District, get off, these people then take a taxi to go to their respective targets over the start.

these people to lift the curtain pickpockets, everyone had five or six times, fast transfer. Usually, they will not stay in Yantai for more than two hours.

the day before, several women appeared again in the Zhifu area, then they take a taxi to Zhifu District West Fort black parking, when they are ready to launch a two car back to Jiaozhou, Laishan police came to control all the staff inside the car.

at the same time, the Laishan police still on another track pickpocketing gang. Again, this is a mobile phone as the target of the gang, a total of seven people.

it is understood that the two mobile phone theft pickpocketing Gang is through the Yantai three station middleman sold to Shenzhen a second-hand mobile phone market, Laishan police went to Shenzhen, the successful recovery of stolen mobile phone more than and 100. In June 24th more than and 200 people have returned to the scene, to reclaim the stolen mobile phone, because many people lost mobile phone after no alarm, the police are still further verification of the owner.

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