Warcraft movie released the ultimate trailer! Daniel Wu was beaten big makeup

Wow Daniel Wu.

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Hollywood fantasy epic blockbuster "world of Warcraft" this morning released the Chinese version of ultimate notice, exposed more war and the action scenes, played by Daniel Gul'dan lens also become more. Published along with the trailer and a new version of the cross character posters, posters Durotan Tan, Lothar, Garona, Khadgar, muguangruju, facial red and blue color paint declared their camp, and English slogan unite (unity), indicating that the war in the deeper theme of world of Warcraft.

the new horizontal version of the poster

previously released two branch Trailer compared, this version notice plot lines can see green Orc Army invasion of Azeroth, human forces arrayed against hit in the face of the orc fragment, Horde and alliance on two of the world's ultimate battle imminent.

Daniel, played the gull Dan no longer is glimpse, the" generous "given the many of the lens, the most exciting is that he and key film roles, the Horde leader Du Long Tan between singled out, other smitten, Gul'dan suspected was mad beat, let a person very curious. In addition, the orc Garonne and the young master Khadka also shine in the trailer, shows two striking force.

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dulongtan beat

shortly before the release of Gul'dan from the final version of the poster and the latest trailer, many people have found that female characters of the orc Garonne has improved significantly, the role played by Paula Barton, and by the media and the audience for her the movie" mission impossible 4 ", her chocolate color, hardbodies, Hawaii sunshine and smile Exquisite acting are very memorable. The exposure of the fragments, and Lorna in the film, the key role of Union generals Lothar feelings line is also increasingly clear.

Garona combat bursting

magic scene grand

film "world of Warcraft" adaptation of the classic game since Blizzard Entertainment, tells the story of the dark portal open after, two of the world's race for their existence and their homes rose to fight story. Is the director who directed the film "Moon" mouth overflowing and "source code" of Duncan Jones. In addition to the director, the unsung hero of the film also includes the computer special effects of global leading power industrial light and Magic ("Star Wars" Pirates of the Caribbean "the Pacific Rim, and weta digital (" Lord of the rings "" King Kong "" rise of the planet of the apes ").

in addition to visual effects, scenery, clothing and so on a number of Hollywood winning team behind the strong hand in hand, "Warcraft" cast is quite luxurious, including the role of Du Longtan Toby Keiper ("2" rise of the planet of the apes), Lothar Travis Fimmel (played "Viking legend"), the role of Maddie Ben Forster ("X 3" men play Garonne (Paula Barton), "mission impossible 4"), Dominic Cooper played King Ryan ("Captain America"), Rob Cousins Aug Ram (played "Pacific Rim") and played the ancient Dan Hua Er American actor Daniel Wu and so on. />

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