A comprehensive study of the gun, spearplay and matchless white damage Xiangjie


tuwanwang· 2016-06-27 13:34:42

When people play the decisive battle of

found the buff warriors spearplay and other buff are not the same. Just to study, because the new career can not be so quick to master, so I just give you to share what I know now. When

#p# #e#

playing battle spear warriors found the battle buff unparalleled spearplay and other buff are not the same. Just to study, because the new career can not be so quick to master, so I just give you to share what I know now. Conclusion:


1, spearplay unparalleled effect of increased damage by 30% and a white n+1.

2, broken strokes attack or white crit, no income will decrease.

3, wearing a white property equipment, no income will reduce.

ps. Kanba Ji is also the same as the passive description, the actual effect is unknown.

character level 20 level 10 can learn, master a skill, most can pile up to level 20.

grew to 2% per level, that is to achieve the level limit can increase the amount of 50% hit.

6 piece can increase the war without spearplay attribute 10%, as for the double breath add me clear, there is no double breathing equipment. #e#

#p# no effect two, spearplay spearplay unparalleled effect of

skill description is written against the quantity increase, and the total damage is not the same as the previous increase.

1, no buff, base damage 21436, white damage 857

2, 1 white case base damage 21435, white damage 857. Buff additional white damage 6430 and 257



3, 2 white case base damage 21434, 857 and 1714 buff white damage, 6430 additional damage, 514 257


1, no spear can be attached to part 30% of the word yellow white, and white can be attached to part 30% words and words are added.

2, buff N+1 can open without a white, white number N.

we are only the total damage is part of the word Yellow + white part. So now is the unparalleled buff enhance the total damage by 30%, but more than a few words.

#p# unparalleled BUFF white double storm double break of #e#

three, buff double double broken white Storm Warriors of.

1, normal attack

2, buff



3, class= "double storm test



is really too difficult to just do see screenshot.

1, buff is not affected by the double white matchless violent double breaking effect, part of the word yellow crit and broken strokes plus normal.

2, double break state without addition on word is only 24%

3, double storm state without addition of only the word on the 21%

#p# property on addition of #e#

four, and

1, based on the attribute class= "img_box" id=

2 a screenshot of

weapons for the additional 25% ice properties: white white

added (66+11) *0.25/220+0.25=0.3375

: 4129/12514=0.33

on actual additional consistent

unparalleled properties of white added: 938/4129=0.227

25*30/33.75=0.22 data

unparalleled properties of white due to the strong value to produce additional Void.

five, on set and the influence of false peerless ghost pig set of

plus white ghost set at around 35%, plus

set of fake pig at around 15% if the weapons and jewelry sets no white case, the title of 10%+ 7%+ pet pet equipment 5% a total of 22% sets of

white ghost:

the actual damage for 1+0.22+0.35

upgrade after 30% 1.57*1.3=2.04



is to enhance the actual total loss will hurt 3.7% damage. The ghost reduces the false

pig similarly set for 7.5%






for the actual loss of 1.6% total damage for injuries. The fake pig reduces the 2.7%

is actually pretty good, because the battle itself without what special properties on weapons, but this ratio up to a ratio for.

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