Hubei bridge collapse by the police but refused to rescue Fonseca

Police Hubei road rescue and rescue

zhongguowang· 2016-06-27 19:33:56

set warning line in the dangerous bridge, sudden subsidence, a police feet dangling stuck in the cement road, at any time may fall into the rushing flood in. Face hurriedly rushed to the rescue workers and the masses, he shouted to stop the … … in June 25th, this thrilling scene in Hubei Jianshi. The distress police is Jianshi County Public Security Bureau deputy director of the police station Liu Yong. 26, the reporter saw him, he was very calm, he said: "the day of the flood does not fade, the rescue will not stop a day. 24, is located in the northern part of Jianshi County, long beam Township suffered heavy rain, the maximum rainfall of over 300 mm. Scour, a bridge beam Long Xiang Xia Ba Cun due to flood cracks, bridge pier subsidence, sag, potholes and other dangerous situations. This bridge is unknown from the construction process, the quality of the villagers, the bridge, in front of the flood, frail. (from: Chinese network)

25 noon 12 pm, received the alarm for help, the police are investigating the danger and close colleague Wang Xiaobao Liu Yong immediately led the police source turn rushed to the scene. The police found a serious damage to the bridge, the bridge has broken holes, is not suitable for traffic. In order to prevent the occurrence of an accident, the police decided to set the warning zone at both ends of the bridge, and to remind the villagers to take a detour. Liu Yong and others in the north shore of the bridge set up a good warning, they ventured along the edge of the bridge to the South Bank of the bridge to continue to set the warning zone. Because there is no rope on the bridge of the fence, Liu Yong picked up a brick ready to fasten the warning belt on the bridge of the fence. (from: Chinese network)

"on" when the nearby Liu Yong is going to go to the bridge railing, cement road he was standing down suddenly, with open arms, Liu Yong's instinct, it is this action, let him in the cement pavement depression, not directly fall in the stream. "At that time, we were setting the warning line. Heard the noise, I looked back and found that Liu director fell into the hole went in the hole, suddenly heart in his throat. "Recalled the scene, Wang Xiaobao is still suffering from the shock of police. At that time Wang Xiaobao and Liu Yong position recently, he carried the law enforcement recorder records the entire scene. "I immediately grabbed Liu director, and shouted for help. "(from: China network)

originally, soaked in the flood, erosion, roadbed below the bridge was washed away, looking at the intact cement road, the following is empty. Without the knowledge of Liu Yong walking in the above, a thin cement pavement rupture, danger. After hearing the call for help, the police source and the villagers Huang Jinbin, who immediately rushed to the scene, we have reached out, trying to come up with Liu Yongla. "Stand, don't come, dangerous."! Liu Yong immediately to the rescue personnel to stop waving, asking everyone to stay away. He was clear, thin cement pavement is very unstable, may collapse at any time. Liu Yong foot test, found the relative stability of the rock side sag below the hole away from the river. He used the pedal on the rock, down the gap down look, found below the pit is a steep slope. (from: Chinese network)

so he caught with the hand hole wall, slowly retracted holes, drilled out from the bottom of the cement road, and then along the steep slope slide into the river, from the gentle climb ashore from success danger. "Director Liu has not rested for more than and 20 days. "Wang Xiaobao reflected, for nearly a month, the college entrance examination of senior high school entrance examination facing security, anti drug publicity, the first half of the work check and other tasks, the police have no holiday. 24 days after the disaster, Liu Yong and colleagues immediately into flood. Sheng Zhu, dams and other serious disaster village once lost contact with the outside world, the road was destroyed by the flood situation, everyone over more than and 10 kilometers of mountain road, more than four hours on foot rushed to the disaster areas, rescue, transfer trapped people, to see the disaster, hidden investigation, calm. (from: Chinese network)

as the agency responsible for the management of road traffic safety deputy director, Liu Yong and his colleagues have reported investigation, dangerous road 18, security cordon set up warning signs, 26. "Liu Yong works not to kill, not afraid of hardship is not afraid of tired, very seriously, we all call him 'desperately elder brother'". Speaking of Cao Yi, Liu Yong, director of sincere praise. In exchange, administrative management, mass work and case handling, such as information technology applications in every field of work line, since to participate in public security work for 5 years, has more than 100 cases for mediation of disputes, administrative and criminal cases more than and 800, 2015 October, he was promoted to deputy director of the police station long beam. (from: China Network)

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