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agricultural experts say
the near future food production may not be able to keep up with population growth and agricultural production needs a substantial increase in

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without the heavy manual labor, environmental protection and high efficiency

below is the FarmBot automation system
tillage and traditional farming technology compared to some of the advantages

FarmBot first will automatically install
3D print seeding module the head of

breath and collected


standard sprinkler, a radish a

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want to know what it is like to grow vegetable?

that Virgos are not fault

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FarmBot is a APP


has a" zombies "feeling

watering and fertilization of a series of procedures such as

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birds to destroy


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Farmbot based on
and all the hardware and software design of Farmbot are open source


/> devices like the Farmbot

small farms so that everyone can produce their own food and vegetables if it can be
is not popular You can only solve the food problem of the most basic
and the development of human society plays a far-reaching impact.  

the video below Aronson

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the future not only vegetables become so smart

cooking by the robot will be able to get

on hard egg kitchen

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! Hard egg mall

! The most professional intelligent hardware products shopping platform strong>

press the two-dimensional code into the hard egg
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connection   6000+
  communication; 778 + 
! Let the world is not difficult to do hardware

hard eggs, a wave of intelligent hardware all free

WeChat ID:hardeggs
long press the left side of the two-dimensional code concern

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