How to reduce fat no burden to eat snacks?

How snacks

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Shanghai recently has been in the rain, rainy days often eat snacks, potato chips to what the best!

, potato chips, cake, ice cream, milk and so on more like the devil calls you to the cinema to see a film to order a coke popcorn, but the movie is to eat fried food! No popcorn movie is not complete.

since there is no qualification to eat high calorie snacks, then do not lazy, as their own to do a variety of alternatives without the burden!

today to share some healthy snacks fried chicken recipe, but babies learn quickly!

1. baked sweet potato (potato organ substitute)

you know potato chips are fried foods, high oil and high in calories, but a lot of people it is unable to stop, eat not satisfied. This is a baked sweet potato (similarly can do organ organ roast potatoes), will sell best, with baking method, all of a sudden from junk food has become a healthy food!

1: sweet potato raw material (about 350-400g), 2 tbsp olive oil, rosemary thyme 10, 4-5 root. 2 garlic cloves, 1 lemon, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 teaspoon black pepper.

1. was the first to cut off a layer of sweet potato side, make it all better control when cutting the level.

2. similar technique to cut the sweet potato. The following pad chopsticks, and then cut into thin slices, to prevent cut off the sweet potatoes than some of the hard cut, so to choose a sharp knife.
3. sweet potato into a baking pan, add olive oil, rub evenly on the surface.
4. if using fresh thyme leaves, put his down from the stems.
5. thyme and rosemary leaves, all chopped (dried without cut).

6. thyme, rosemary, salt, sugar, black pepper, Suan Rong Are placed in a bowl, mix well.
7. put the relish on the sweet potato, all evenly, and squeeze the lemon juice.

8. oven 200 degrees, bake for 50-60 minutes until potatoes are all ripe, Which part can be soft and sweet, crisp outer oil.

the taste, I feel better than the original chips! Because of the sweet potato are out, but only a little salt, rosemary flavor is also very attractive. Although as crisp this had baked hard like fried potato chips (including all open grill, because if not all in oil, roast a crisp effect, so many "health" baked chips there are some false proposition meaning), but instead there are crunchy chips and a little below the feeling, baked sweet soft sweet, too mixed together is really enjoy ~ and oil, salt, sugar itself is controllable, do not use health point say ~

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2. shea butter ice cream (sugar free cream version)

summer to eat sweet Ice cream, ice cream is mainly composed of light cream, condensed milk, egg yolk and egg white pass, white sugar together create the taste of expansion. Avocado as forest natural cream can replace the margarine, sugar can use natural sugar instead of bananas, milk with healthier yogurt substitute.

raw materials: a mature avocado, banana yogurt, 200g (with homemade yogurt would be more healthy oh)

1. avocado half cut to the core, dig out the flesh, into the cooking machine.
2. yogurt, bananas are poured into the cooking machine, like a milkshake like beat.
3. put the container into the ice cream liquid seal, and then into the freezer, every half an hour to an hour out to stir (very important! If lazy, then there will be ice slag!

4. in the freezer for 4 hours or more, the ice cream will freeze. ! You can find a nice container, plus mint leaves to decorate it.

sugar free butter flour banana oatmeal cookies, in the baking industry is the absolute weight loss meal!

raw materials: 200 grams of banana (180 calories) +40 grams of oatmeal (120 card)

1. ready to experience more delicious oatmeal chopped
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5. preheat oven to 170 degrees bake for 15-20 minutes remember to eat the best brown baked crackers"
6. product key low calorie crisp coke Huang ha


- by Ella

who said that weight loss is not to eat snacks, those without the burden of health snacks, please try it!

! Try again" chest "and" abdomen "and" legs "etc.... There might be a surprise!

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