Exposure of the Olympic men's basketball team list: Yi Sui ran Zou Yuchen was led


souhutiyu· 2016-06-27 23:37:05

Beijing time on June 27th, the CCTV sports channel" Sports News "program reported that the China team determined the Rio Olympics squad. But there is still the possibility of adjustment.

this morning the media had the first explosion material basketball list of 12 people, the sports Sohu subsequently interviewed on the matter team manager Chai Wensheng said, the leader the source is not the normal channels, to wait for the final results of BasketballAdministration announced.

revealed a list: Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin, Li Muhao, Zou Yuchen, Zhai Xiaochuan, Li Gen, Zhou Peng, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Ding Yan Yu Hang, Sui ran. Reported that the list has been reported to the General Administration of sports, but did not announce. There is more than a month away from the Rio Olympics, the list also has the possibility of change.

the basketball just ended in the European tour, will return to Beijing. Then in July 5th -9, the men's basketball team will play in the Stankovic cup in Nigeria, and Beijing, France and Argentina. Core Arab League due to the birth of the second children, will miss the current si cup. />

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