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introduction: 14:30 this afternoon, China Vanke Limited by Share Ltd 2015 annual shareholders' meeting held in Shenzhen headquarters. The following 21 for you to sort out today Vanke shareholders' general meeting you should pay attention to a few points!

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explosion point one Yu Liang, Wang Shi responded to recall proposal about previously proposed

Po can strike the proposal, Yu Liang said at the meeting: Friday morning, we received the shareholders proposed recall proposal, we respect each according to the articles of association of the company shareholder proposals, we believe that the board will meet to consider the bill, shareholders to the company does have great trouble, the company team last year began to appear unstable, we have not received much impact, and by March, the shareholders' meeting and decided to agree to extend three month suspension period, may let us into the deep, encouraged by the company. Today, our management team also feel powerless, if the core team was dismissed, all stakeholders 170000 are not guaranteed.

, Wang Shi and Yu Liang whispered exchange

for the future, Wang Shi at the meeting said in response, "I actually just to keep me, Yu Liang has represented the reply, in such an era of capital that should be the mutual communion, a common block along the way, I want to say is this. In fact, this morning I picked up the phone three, headhunter, you think, in this case Vanke management should be stable, in cases like this, Vanke's board of directors and board of supervisors, management team, no effect is not possible, I simply laughed, I now also is chairman of the board, but the search call in advance ticket.

you can rest assured that we will do what we should do to work hard, from a certain point of view, the company is one of the founders of our culture, and is also closely related to me, from a certain point of view, my fate is not very important, important is the culture can continue. From a certain point of view, we are Vanke culture watcher, the time I do not start, and we all know what I'm talking about personal honor, it is not very important. "

explosion point two. Wang Shi: if Yu Liang could be the chairman of the board of directors I want to resign

shareholders question, if this time we still support you continue to do 170000 of words, what time you can let go of the team? Because of your age, you can't do it forever.

Wang Shi said in response, I once said, I said that my success should be no longer need me this is successful, from now on, I'm not very successful because it has become a focus to take me off. Just now you mention Qin Shuo, Qin Shuo is my very good friend, this proposal has already, I hope that Yu Liang can replace me, if can realize, Yu Liang become chairman, of course I resign at the same time. If I hadn't been removed, it would be a good suggestion.

explosion point three. Wang Shi: Mr. Yao Zhenhua apologized to the

21 Century Business Herald reporter's question at the meeting: equity dispute since Vanke management has no introspection and treasure can Huarun these shareholders have communication problems? What improvements will be made in the future to make the event a good result?

Wang Shi replied: since this incident, I have never said (Po can be) the barbarians. I'm saying a hostile takeover. In this process, and the attitude of the shareholders to communicate there is a need to reflect on the place. I apologize to Mr. Yao Zhenhua if he is therefore called the "savage". This is the attitude that I show myself.

explosion point four. Yu Liang responded "another Vanke"

a shareholder at the meeting asked: it is reported that Yu Liang and the management of last year began a new diplomatic plan, I understand there is also news that Chairman Wang Shi also participate in this program, it is to be out of their own to create a 170000 I would like to ask President Wang Shi and Mr. Yu Liang two of this news is not true, there is no new plan? If you are dismissed or how?

in this regard, Yu Liang responded that: the recall of things we know on Friday, if you know what to do before the recall is dry, if you want to make a Vanke out. So far, we have to perform their duties in one day, we are very heavy physical labor, there is time to do something else, I will seriously consider the future.

explosion point five. Secretaries: Vanke will soon resume trading price indeed downward pressure

for shareholders Vanke question: what time resume? After the resumption of the stock price fluctuations how to do? What is the plan?

company secretaries Zhu Xu answer: before the suspension rose more than 60%, better than the market and peers, there is indeed a downward pressure. The company's future prospects are uncertain, the share price is also an indisputable fact that the current growth of the company's performance is the best level, but the current situation is complex, it does not rule out the possibility of decline in performance. "He also said," wait until the resumption of the Shenzhen stock exchange for our reply of the examination, according to the notice of the Shenzhen stock exchange we will resume trading as soon as possible. Resumption without the results of the restructuring plan. "

explosion point six. Small shareholders strongly condemned the behavior of Huarun

" we are here to the platform to the management station. "For a long time the small shareholders of Huarun said, we strongly condemn the behavior, the current rumors of Huarun executives with Wang feud, Vanke can do first in the world, cannot do without Wang Shi, the Yu Liang team, we express our deep respect for the team. We can see the treasure bill, said Wang very indignant, questions are groundless statement of total compensation. Now condemn them.

if the treasure to fund legal compliance, that's to say, the key lies in Huarun, the original equity dispute with Huarun, Wang former executives have appreciate each other, Huarun has done so for many years in Vanke's largest shareholder, is a standard of financial investment, not to the real estate business and give us support. We expressed the respect of the existing management layer, so that Vanke go today is not easy.

the small shareholder, said that we are such a good team, the results of the day, because shareholders and other factors, if the team was dismissed, Vanke is definitely a disaster. China's corporate governance structure is also a disaster. We want to express it from the third party's voice. Now the more problems appear in the Huarun body, urge the chairman Wang, chairman of hope in the case with Huarun executives, even higher leadership, to put pressure on, this is our small shareholders have the ability to do. Vanke's business model can not be separated from the good management team. If it is removed, it may be the next to go down the road. Our business model with Moutai is essentially different, we if the management has been changed, I do not believe that treasure can manage, Huarun can control the current vanke. If you change the management structure, the capital market is a kind of injury, the more shareholders to come to harm. Wang, chairman of the board with Huarun and even more senior management to communicate better.

explosion point seven. Wang Shi called the regulators out of a tube, large shareholders can do whatever

shareholders at the meeting said: Wang Dong will again and the relevant shareholders sincere communication? You have feelings of Vanke, you are the founder of vanke.

Wang Shi said that I must be some feelings of Vanke Group, the market principle of market economy now, we go straight ahead, how to coordinate the interests of all parties, in order to stabilize, Vanke itself has been in compromise, but this compromise is to have a degree, if the violation of the interests of small shareholders, if the violation of the interests of Vanke, from each aspect of the society, the sun, system and transparent bottom line if the violation is not so.

I do not think that large shareholders can do whatever they like, as well as the relevant regulatory authorities, etc.. For example, very clear suddenly want to remove the board of directors, the board of supervisors, the full attitude of 180 degrees turn, this is a complete denial of vanke. This is a sudden occurrence.

and a very interesting question, (the majority of shareholders asked me) why did you visit the school took 50 million, meaning that "why do you take more than 50 million? ". I am in the company to get wages, the end of the year to get dividends, no more than a penny, the problem is a kind of misleading, what is the purpose? In particular, we all hope that the stability of the environment, if your problem is very sharp, clear, we will quickly respond to.

large shareholders can do so to ask questions? Regardless of the stock market's normal? I believe that China's reform and opening up to today, how to understand, regulate the market, the regulatory authorities must have accumulated rich experience. I am optimistic here, not the capital want to do on how to do.

explosion point eight. Vanke small shareholders placards maintain the start Wang Shi team before the

meeting, Vanke small shareholders holding signs to Vanke headquarters for the management platform, he said, Vanke support excellent management. The Weixing investors said, can not let the company shareholders out excellent management team, small shareholders to sound.

explosion point nine. Vanke officially responded to Wang Shi compensation

Vanke 2015 annual meeting, a small shareholder representative, Wang Shi is just as chairman of the board, a salary of nearly ten million years, whether through the approval of the general meeting of shareholders? Class= img_box "

Wang Shi said, you do not ask me all want to say. I am the executive director, is not the titular chairman, a member of the management of specific, I am the chairman paid, not big shareholders when the chairman of the board, before the 1988 stock transformation, I get a salary, I was the chairman and general manager, I get a salary, by 1999, I quit the general manager, I still take salary, still is the executive director of the operation of the company, supervision and management. I have served as chairman of the board during the period of exploration mountaineering, or foreign study, to supervise the work, I am responsible for this one, international business, American investment in San Francisco, is my specific investment negotiations, London project, or I am responsible, including the Seattle, I was in charge of the specific business. Of course, I as a full-time chairman of the board, the main work, or for the company's strategic grasp, how to implement the board of directors of the board of directors, decision-making, whether there is a deviation. Specific figures on the number, I asked the board of supervisors to answer the figures.

Vanke chairman of the board of supervisors thaw said, first, what is the qualified chairman? Go to work every day, care about everything, so busy? Or big decisions, fully take it leisurely and unoppressively, delegate responsibility? I believe that the chairman must manage the event, what is a major event, set the strategy, build team, with the team. These years, Vanke, strategy, team performance, I think there should be a shareholders, market positioning, industry is not necessarily the best, but still is the industry's leading. I think, chairman Wang Shi should still be a qualified chairman, at least not unbearable to be removed by the general meeting of shareholders.

second, the need to clarify is that President Wang Shi has never been out of work, he has been responsible for the development of the company's strategic thinking, guidance and promote international business. After 2010, regardless of the real estate industry or Vanke began entered a critical stage of transformation and development, President Wang Shi's study background, broaden the international vision of Vanke, China Vanke to help get a lot of international resources and partners, which plays a key role in the internationalization strategy over the past few years the company's implementation of

; third. President Wang Shi is the executive director. Like two other executive directors, directors did not receive subsidies alone, but as a team member of the company's management, and other management from the company to obtain compensation, compensation by the board of directors remuneration and Nomination Committee approved, and disclosed in the annual report, as part of the annual report, by the shareholders' general meeting. 1998, Vanke sales revenue was only 2 billion in 2010, China Vanke sales revenue exceeded 100 billion in 2015, close to 200 billion, profit 18 billion 100 million, 18 years of sales growth of 116 times. But the chairman of the remuneration of the chairman Wang Shi not only did not grow with the growth of the results, but the initiative to cut. In the 2015 year, chairman Wang Shi's salary accounted for only 0.05% of the company's profits.

explosion point ten. Vanke's largest individual shareholder Liu Yuansheng at the shareholders' meeting

A familiar with the stock investors, should not be strange to the legendary name Liu Yuansheng.

public information display, and the deep roots of Vanke Liu Yuansheng, chairman of the Hongkong Philharmonic Orchestra, is chairman of the board of directors of the Hongkong Renda International Co. ltd..

Liu Yuansheng (left) in the field of

Vanke shareholders' meeting last century at the beginning of 90s, Vanke stock issuance is not smooth, Liu Yuansheng used the identity of foreign accounts to buy A shares opened Vanke original shares, investment of 3 million 600 thousand yuan. He insisted on holding Vanke shares, chairman Wang Shi and the team spent a vote of confidence. Over the years, Liu Yuansheng has always held Vanke, is a strong supporter of the company and Wang Shi team. Is currently holding more than 1%.

Liu Yuansheng is a low-key Hongkong people, but also rarely participate in the Vanke shareholders' meeting. The appearance, he still said he would not say.

Liu Yuansheng and Vanke executive vice president Wang Wenjin in the AC

source: comprehensive economic reports since twenty-first Century, sina finance, financial Tencent

editor: Li Yutong