Programmers are not only more money, people stay, silly to be honest


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file the programmer, woman who always shining eyes crying for married brother! />

this impression has been too popular, so Xiaobian have to stand up to innocence.

contact APICloud 300 thousand + programmer brother found the true, they are not the same, some pursuit of perfectionism, some advocates of the artisan spirit, and funny forced infinite.

programmers in the end is what? Please watch this issue of "approaching science", oh no, "approached the programmer".

the first in the world there are two kinds of programmers, the talented and hard working, commonly known as the talking and don't say the words.

similarly to a complex program, the first programmer by virtue of innate intelligence, bare-handed can quickly understand program intention, find bug; to solve a complex problem can go in a function however, second programmers need to think about half a day, with a combination of several functions to achieve. Style= white-space: "normal

, many users to vote at the ten lies to the programmer, you must like met:

0, I will give the code annotated.

1, this is just a temporary solution, the release version of course I won't write. Style= white-space: "normal

2, has been developed over the >

3, which is very simple, I will be able to complete a few days. Style= white-space: "normal >

4, development: it takes 10 days. Style= white-space: "normal

      boss: can be completed in 5 days? Style= white-space: "normal

      development: can!


6, is good on my machine... />

7, which does not need to be tested, is certainly good! Style= white-space: "normal >

8, previously had this problem. Style= white-space: "normal >

9, only need to change a line of code, will not affect other procedures. Style= white-space: "normal >

10, this is a hardware problem, with the software does not matter.

return Tucao end. Programmers in the outsiders look poor Meng talk, in fact, is a reflection of their good thinking, dedication to the work of perfectionism complex, the pursuit of the spirit of the spirit of the mind.

" Mastering regular expressions "translator Yu Sheng teacher wrote his regular expression and origin. just because the project manager made him" with Google, check the regular expression data ", the teacher opened the door more than regular, read English original" Mastering Expression "Regular, is now in order to understand one of the regular expressions of the most people.

10 million programmers around us is just ordinary people, sometimes because of their silence is no sense of what.

but is more than a programmer said, "write code is a very hard work, keep writing, non-stop change. If it is not from the heart of love, will not insist on down. And stick to it, it should be written procedures perfect."

this society many people lives in the pursuit of higher quality, but is willing to do things on their own high standards to adhere to excellent idea of people have seen, ask yourself whether stick to something at work. Style= white-space: "normal >

>Devils, details of the devil. The programmer is a day to pull the dead one detail the devil.

finally, the tribute to!

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