Luneng defender pit bad goalkeeper flapping dispose of the ball shouldn't blame Wang Dalei.

Luneng Wang Dalei

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Beijing time April 8, 19, 2015 season's AFC Champions League group matches the 4 round continues, the Shandong Luneng sits at home against Kashiwa reysol team, Luneng after the defense time and time again burst. The first three Games of the AFC, Luneng mad lost 8 ball, the campaign 9 minutes, Luneng lost 3 ball... < span style =" text-decoration: inherit; font family: inherit; font size: 1em; line-height: 1.4; issues inherit; "> the two sides eventually 4-4 draw.

lightning goal perfect start

game at the beginning of, on both sides of the test playing gongzhan, Kashiwa reysol have become masters of the meaning. Second minutes, the sun god, Bai xiadichuanzhong, Leandro Qiangdian Gongmen guard the bottom line. Then, round the corner by Wang Dalei Lake Naoki directly confiscated. 3 minutes, Monty slightly pick restricted area, Kashiwa reysol back slip gift, Wang Yongpo got the ball to form single calm to push shoots forces a door open, Luneng 1-0 lead start quite fantastic!

defence reengineering massacre Black 9 minutes

the first 23 minutes, Leandro in the restricted area to ball is like an unpeopled land, Luneng two defender Dai Lin and Wang Qiang's defense is have some spare time, two people to occupy the body failed to ball off and Leandro pole tongshe break equalised, 1-1. Twenty-fifth minutes, Wang Yongpo received, the header to rub the beam high. 28 minutes, Leandro road sent pick, Luneng overrun errors and back to see a ball do not see a person, Kudo Zhuang formation single volley shot forces a door open, Kashiwa reysol 2-1 will score counter Ultra. The 32nd minute, Dai Lin sending gift, first lost the ball, followed by optional brandish leg clearance is blocked, Cristiano pole tongshe gain another victory, Luneng 3-1.

sharp attack half tie the score

the 33rd minute Monty slightly by virtue of personal ability to force under the bottom passes, ursolic header will pull the score to 2-3! The 35th minute, Kashiwa reysol goalkeeper area within two touch ball violation, Luneng won the box with an indirect free kick opportunity, Wang Yongpo will ball reversal, Monty slightly burst shot straight hanging dead, a score to 3-3. Forty-third minutes, Montillo shot from back closure, Hao Junmin edge of the box upside the door above. The first half scoring battle battle 3-3.

again leading fatal mistakes ruin a good bureau

easy side battles, goal in the war is far from over, the 48th minute Monty slightly pick restricted area, Mrs Wang in the restricted area was pulled down gold Changzhu on the ground referee sentenced to capital punishment and cautioned for a foul, Yang Xu surgeon calm push shot right angle shooting, Luneng 4-3 again score counter ultra!

the 73rd minute, corner Tada Tetsuro by Wang Dalei hit, then Kashiwa reysol secondary attack front shovel shot, Mrs Wang ball on the network before the rescue to defuse the danger! The 76th minute, Kashiwa reysol won the frontier closed area free kick opportunity, Cristiano attacks the door directly penetrated the wall, Wang Dalei blaze late to stop the ball into his own door, 4-4.

defender pit Dalei Luneng goalkeeper tried

this season's AFC Champions League group game played four games, scored nine goals, lost the ball is up to 12, averaging to leakage in 3 ball, with the same group of Vietnam Pingyang tied for East Asia to throw the ball up the first large. The Bo Sun God is currently in the J League ranked only 3, the eighth round scored 4 goals, the average attack. But with AFC super team Luneng fights, a two round 6 times pierced the door of China, as the Luneng defender seemingly only a task, that pits the big thunder!

sports broadcast exclusive connection football commentator Dong Wuzhi, he said although Wang Lei in this field are also exposed the butter, but the rest of the goal are not to blame him, to blame only blame the nonsensical defence. Even if any ball out, can not completely blame Wang Dalei. The effect of mobile wall to the judge.

4 League Round end, Jeonbuk Hyundai and Kashiwa reysol have accumulated points and 8, but Luneng only 4 points, qualifying the situation is not optimistic.

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