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[Abstract] 2015 in May 7th, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street 3W coffee, 30 yuan at their own expense to drink a cup of coffee signature, also say the coffee cup is printed with "life, tossing more than words.

weekly Times reporter Intern Liu Juan Liu Fenghua from Beijing, "prime minister

a cup of coffee", only Xu and his 3W coffee fame.

2015 in May 7th, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street 3W coffee, 30 yuan at their own expense to drink a cup of coffee signature, also say the coffee cup is printed with "life, tossing more than words. This is just like the prime minister to make a mere cover: "young man, good work. "A single

single sub station to the" double "boom in the teeth of the storm. In more than a year, yibobo people poured into the 3W coffee, point a cup of coffee with the prime minister, which includes hundreds of Beijing learning "hit" the spirit of the local officials.

in the most prosperous time point, but not the opportunity to expand the scale of the scale. At this time, a large number of space agencies are committed to entrepreneurship is spewing potential in a torrent of Xu alone has been observed with the future of the field office, wait for a better time.

"I watched this industry fast, but he has been unable to do this thing. "Accept times weekly reporter interview on the day before, Xu alone for the first time of his mind, he thought he was thinking of the Internet Internet industry is trapped," the winner takes all, only the first, no second. Do not have a full grasp of the joint office in the field of the first, do not understand, I would not dare to move".

and real estate circles of friends after the chat, Xu just the values of light and spacious, he was dragged from the pure Internet thinking.

"the real estate industry the top 100 are ten billion yuan scale to a certain extent, the joint office is asset light commercial real estate, the cake is big enough. "Xu just began to busy self iteration, from the incubator to space, from business to strategy, and out of the 3W system is to make snap upgrade.

space economy is a test of endurance marathon, nearly 5000 people within a year of a new domestic space, and difficult to continue because of the homogenization fight. How would it be possible to prove the possibility of this new circuit?

Xu just pointed to the downstairs 200 meters long famous entrepreneurial shrine in the north and south ends of Zhongguancun Venture Street end of each a "Inno Way" statue, English from the word "Innovation", meaning to reform and innovation, after the localization of split into "Inno way", released as a "venture, snatched from the jaws of death".

from 0 to 1 and then to

2011 N in August 20th, Beijing, the first 3W coffee business, 29 year old Anhui youth Xu just started his own entrepreneurial path.

that will, Zhongguancun business street is also called "electronic street", 3W coffee is the first business coffee on the street. In this only 290 square meters of shops, they opened the first general meeting of shareholders, at that time, Xu's idea is to do a chat dry cargo place ", is also very fashionable, called" temperature". The word "

" was rarely mentioned at the time, and it became popular in 2012, even glorious, until now it has become a national strategy. "Perhaps only memories, this house by Yang Xiangyang, Xu Xiaoping and other 180 shareholders gather together (all the chips) from the coffee shop, by two or three weekly salon, slowly into the entrepreneurial gathering.

had 200 thousand fans of the "net red" is just the limelight, but did not want to, a few months later, a "Xu just struggle" suddenly let him become a joke".

2012 is my most difficult time, online all said that only how to make a single degree of fraud, fake fake". At that time, young, and no use to refute, but only angry, he relieved himself: "leading to the road ahead is full of grievances and misunderstanding, to put the eyes on the horizon of the more distant. "A few years after

, Xu just work hard, rarely show, one of the most direct reason is: to make money selling coffee is very slow, even do not stop, in the" war "in the 100 Ka Xu alone is still very distress. With the coffee shop to finance other people do not give money, they made a hard scalp to do a new company to the blood.

, the new company is red, called "pull hook net", is talking about the Internet talent market story, popular point is called vertical recruitment. The network gave Xu just surprise, and they beyond all expectations. At present, the network has completed 220 million yuan C round of financing, Xu just hope to pull hook net shortly after the gem listing.

from coffee to the network, Xu and 3W just completed the first upgrade. In order to meet the needs of all the early entrepreneurs, Xu and his team just try a cup of coffee to build a business service ecological system, this system includes 3W coffee, 3W incubator, and spread eagle academy, pull hook net and fund etc..

last May 7th, 3W coffee welcomed a special guest. Waiter Liu Miao as prime minister Li Keqiang special a cup with a "Golden Circle" Vanilla Cappuccino cup, which came to be known as the "prime minister" coffee products make 3W coffee became the Zhongguancun venture street name card, Xu just again coming under the spotlight.

one day in advance, we received about 20 waves of inspection teams. "Xu just at that time, then, Xu just asked the staff of the office of the prime minister," why the prime minister chose to 3W coffee? The answer is that the prime minister had come to the two Zhongguancun Venture Street, and finally decided to come here.

Xu just red, more than 1 years, 2 times prime minister met with, 8 times news network, more than 10 provincial leaders visited more research, many local officials come to visit, a free space, free resources, and even subsidies tilt rich condition, want to pull 3W coffee to open the hatch "branch".

is to reduce the cost of trial and error "in 2015, a domestic public space (Office) outlet has to" table ", drew a piece of economic fans, it even has become the preferred direction of real estate business.

2015 spring, former senior vice president of Vanke Mao Daqing made a "from 1 to 0" decision - left, to set up joint project office Hugo workshop. Pan Shiyi is also playing a face, he will transition to make SOHO 3Q as the second venture.

in the most prosperous time, the Prime Minister of coffee "Xu just chose to halt the troops and wait. Before that, 3W incubator has got the financial Jingdong Liu Qiangdong gives the A round of financing, if only to do a large-scale expansion, at the right time is missing.

later recalled this period of time, he admitted that he did not want to good. In the past, perhaps only to do 3W incubator, in fact, is equivalent to a small joint office, but he did not expect it to chain and open a lot of space out. He still insist on doing business service direction, Mao Daqing Hugo factory several times to find him talk about cooperation.

in November last year, Xu just began to ponder, he hired SOHO developers who come together to make arrangements for his 3W space business, ready to make a big fight. At present, the 3W space tentacles extend to 10 a second tier cities, providing nearly 5000 stations. After 5 years, the domestic

"at least 30% of the grade B office of commercial real estate is a joint office, this trend is not reversible. If you take the time to 10 years later, this ratio will be amplified to 40%-50%. Xu just think, 3W may not be able to do the industry first, but the confidence to do before three, four, the first five.

but at this time, the public record is a blood space. "12th Five-Year" science and Technology Innovation Exhibition, Ministry of science and technology released a set of data, as of now, China's various types of public record space has more than 2300 companies, business incubators, accelerators more than 2 thousand and 500, two a total of nearly 5000 home. And in the first half of 2015, China's more than the size of the space is still less than 70. Behind the

boom is often mixed with the sound of difficult to continue, since the start of the year, more than the deep North of Guangzhou first-tier cities create space for rent and cannot afford to collapse. In Beijing, for example, in the settled rate index, the average rate of Zhongguancun public space is settled on 60%, about 50% in Wangjing region.

public record space competition is increasingly fierce, Nash, Hugo and other large space workshop space began Foggia, the industry is ushering in a new round of reshuffle. How to prove the possibility of 3W space in the new circuit, how to challenge Mao Daqing?

"space economy is a test of endurance marathon, than who jumped to ability, but a comprehensive consideration of strategic vision, service ability and operation ability. "Xu just is the flagship of" service brand ", different from the real estate resources faction thinking, he believes that the user experience well, in order to reduce the cost of trial and error.

profit logic

through various experimental MVP Guangzhou Shenzhen 3W core area of the incubator, and having tried self, cooperation, incubation, operation, the output of various models, Xu just began to 3W space "self + cooperation" show code.

"I hope to eventually become similar to a hotel management company, not a holding company. "Xu just said that the current planning through the development of 3W space 10-20 flagship store, the establishment of standardized service and space management system, strengthen the brand advantage, followed by the development of thousands of stores in the country focusing on a second tier city, and joined the generation operation mode may include.

space business is the same as all the business, while creating imagination, while the test of the operation. For the benefit of the capital, need to listen to the story, but you need to tell him where your profit logic. What is the answer to the question: how does income constitute, and what is the valuation based on 3W space? How to protect the growth of funds? Adsorption resources are stable?

this from the only familiar problem of venture capital, once extended to the three aspects of pricing, financing and venture capital.

he was ready to settled in two aspects, "as the joint office of commercial real estate itself, you can profit, rent is big. But the existing commercial real estate a lack of benefit maximization logic, and for joint office mode, the site of the table to rent out, the work has just begun, the essence is the service, because another source of income is the value-added services".

however, how the service value, before the scale of the service to make money is just a dream. Xu alone does not deny that the industry most value-added services also only stay in the concept, but at least the network took a substantial step, after all recruitment costs for any company is willing to pay the most natural".

Xu just in fields of derivatives business, vertical depth development, he has been pondering how to self iteration, and tend to focus on a joint office itself, there are two purposes, scale effect and service closed loop.

wolf to the Tai Chi

3W space continues to grow, for how to achieve control, a lot of just think of.

there are two rows of books on a shelf in his office, "the innovator's dilemma" is the most influential one.

in the country, the start-up companies to enter the security zone, an important one is to run fast. Xu just partner Bob Ella recalls, 3W and hook was founded at the beginning of a "wolf culture", is the founder of several speed run seven days work at 11 in the evening before, no one walked ahead.

early to do the company to consider fast, super strong idea to make money. "Three co-founder, Ella and Bao Xu alone is still single," the single more investment, more investment is single".

Xu just found that the company bigger, dozens of people to hundreds of people, the former stock is not enough to use the. "As the start-up team extremely excited, is unlikely, except through the shareholding incentives, resource pool and the necessary promotion system, to promise just for team building and 3W Department of cultural analysis, time cost and the cost of trial and error.

before leading others, to manage their own. Xu just found two teachers, he went to Lao Tzu before 2500 the "moral" in search of life and the wisdom of the enterprise, it is not hard to understand Xu just wonderful move: in the B round of financing, Xu just go to Mount Huangshan "Bigu" a week to celebrate.

in the past, the airport placed over the entire shelf Ma chicken soup was once considered only as a successful person's nonsense". Rereading Ma Yun from the perspective of managers, Xu just began to have a sense of identity, his registration to the lakeside universities this year, special learning principal Ma Ali Taiji theory, "what we need now is to balance, and the degree of relaxation".

privately, Xu just literary young men and emaciated Mensao, and female colleagues talk blush, but also will buy the lily with his work. He will 3W coffee products developed, named "coffish fish", meaning "Haoliang debate" in Chuang-tzu's "the son of fish, you know that the fish is happy?

in the "sub fish coffee," the poster, perhaps just a cup of coffee, and look focused, he is now the little vision is: work to be as good as life.

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