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College students campus lenders share

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"holding his own identity card on his chest, holding a mobile phone in one hand, and then the photo to do 'credit collateral' to the other to get money," so that the way you listen to the loan? The day before the media disclosure, "naked" lending, refers to the female students using handheld ID shooting nude, as "IOU" by lending platform to borrow money. Once the overdue repayment, lenders to publish their pictures to their families and friends to blackmail.

surprise is the victims of female students step into the "naked" trap after. According to the relevant reports, the first disclosure of female college students due to the lack of start-up capital to open the shop began to contact the relevant network lending. In order to be able to borrow more money, she agreed to the "naked" loan. In just 4 months, the total of 15 people have to borrow 12 yuan, the final debt roll to more than 25 yuan, the 3 lenders detained in nude. The deadline is unable to repay the debt, creditors began to publish the name of "naked" put bad conditions on the girls.

"naked to female students in the online public photos have been selling photograph:

" naked Beiqing net "behind the acquaintance of borrowing

as of press," China Economic Weekly "reporter on the Internet to" naked "" female college students borrow "and" bare to resources "search keywords, can still search to a large number of claims to have" hand resources "of the post. Most of these posts are attached to the micro signal, and said the resources at any time to update". Add some

in WeChat, "resource sharing" to "China Economic Weekly" reporter of the "bare resources held out from 1 yuan to 50 yuan price, or even sell some initiative to share a few photos to reporters first inspection". After being asked about photos, some of them said they also bought from the hands of others, and others said that they have a special channel, is not convenient to disclose. Reporters then put forward their own lending needs, which the seller said, if the reporter can provide identity documents, work certificates and related certificates, they can introduce acquaintances to reporters.

"China Economic Weekly" after the investigation learned that the "naked" event broke out behind, it is the name of the "acquaintance" of the lending model. There are two main sources of borrowing, part of the victims through a "borrow treasure" of the network platform to borrow, and the other part of the victim is through some understanding from QQ, WeChat lending group in the so-called "Acquaintances" borrowing.

"borrow treasure" Acquaintances lending platform by a private institutions Jiuding holding building, take the real name, the Borrower Lender anonymous one-way anonymous lending model, and advocated to loan money contacts acquaintances, mai".

press the app is installed on the mobile phone and found that although the "borrow treasure" said that acquaintances lending, and active, registered in the mobile phone mail list, to find out whether there is a registered person familiar person opened the lending service, but also registered people can also find open lending services to strangers in the borrow treasure, through "friending" approach to lending consulting. In other words, lending treasure is the default acquaintances are familiar with each other, the borrower to review the borrower's borrowing qualifications, the platform itself does not assume any lending risk.

reporter added a dozen open borrowing service "Acquaintances", can the loan amount ranging from 10 thousand yuan to ten, the loan interest rate from 18% to 30%. Information displayed by the lending show that there is a part of the lender's "borrowed" amount is clearly a number of times the amount of the loan. Reporters after contact with the lender that part of the lender is also on the platform of the borrower, the loan interest rates low through the re release of the money, so as to earn the difference. As a borrower, you can at the same time on the loan to borrow money on different borrowers. Reporters with an acquaintance in the communication that, if the borrower borrowing 10 thousand yuan, and agreed to pay off within a month, then the borrower needs to pay the interest rate of up to 3500 yuan. Not only that, the borrower also need to pay 20% deposit and 15% platform intermediary fees, which is equivalent to borrow 10 thousand yuan hand only 6500 yuan, but the repayment, are in accordance with the 10 thousand yuan penalty. If the maturity is not on the money, but also the high cost of overdue management fees.

in the verification of the identity of the borrower, the lender said that if the borrower can provide proof of property, will be more conducive to the loan, if the borrower is just graduated from college, you need to provide the school certificate, the communication network account password, credit classification and other proof of sesame. When asked whether to provide a guarantee, the lender said to be checked the identity of students after the call.

"China Economic Weekly" learned that, compared to "lending treasure", QQ, WeChat lending group "Acquaintances" borrowing is relatively more efficient and convenient. According to the insider said that the group has almost always at the time of the loan, lending information released, the interest rate is relatively low, lending rate is more efficient. The loan qualification is also examined by the lender, and the specific terms and conditions require the agreement of both parties.

crazy campus lending

according to the current reports, the "naked" lending is mainly concentrated in the range of College students. In fact, this is not the first time the campus borrowing accident, just 3 months ago, Henan Zhengzhou a college student because of indulging in soccer gambling, through various loan lending platform more than 60, to the final load jump Dutch act.

it is understood that the current Internet banking loan in campus are generally divided into three types: one is designed for staging shopping platform for students, such as, any fun staging stage and also provide some low level of cash withdrawals; two is the P2P net loan platform, for a college student and industry, such as investment, investment elite loans; the three is Ali, Jingdong, Taobao and other traditional electronic business platform to provide credit services.

in an interview that, in college students at present the most popular credit service is Ali launched Taobao and Jingdong ious shopping spend. But on the one hand, these services for college students a smaller amount is generally 10 thousand yuan; on the other hand, because of the credit service and personal credit linked, students will take the net loan platform to solve the "as usual as pressing danger".

Beijing some colleges and universities students told the China Economic Weekly, usually in the campus, WeChat circle of friends, QQ group can often see a similar unsecured, unsecured, the day of lending, loan advertising. Lending companies claimed that the procedure is simple, without any collateral will be able to loan, less than a few hundred dollars, more than ten thousand yuan. The reporter by students with ads linked to a manager surnamed Zhang, asked how the loan, inform each other only need to provide identity cards, student ID card and a bank card, and then leave the teachers, parents and students of the telephone.

, Ali, Taobao and other Jingdong compared to the traditional electronic business platform to provide credit services, whether for staging shopping platform for university students, or unsecured, unsecured loans, the lending platform, these loans channels although it looks simple and quick, but also hidden huge risks, one of which is of high interest rates.

staging in college students at present more popular iPhone mobile phone as an example, if you use 12 IOUs Jingdong to buy, a price of 5688 yuan each mobile phone needs to pay 500 yuan, fees in 0.5%. But if the purchase by staging platform in the University currently popular, each only need to pay 200 yuan, but the rate is about 20%. That is to say, a cell phone at least a year to pay 1000 yuan.

is not only the case, these staging platform part also provides lending channels, that is, once the default occurs, the students can also borrow the way to ensure that the month for". "Chinese Economic Weekly" learned that the loan rate is usually high stage campus of more than 20%. Once overdue repayment of such loans, the default payment is also very high. A student who once through the platform loan told reporters that in the campus, there are a variety of ways to microfinance. In addition to the loan platform through the network, as well as credit card lending, private lending and mortgage loans and other ways. Some lending platforms even hire students to promote. Some have no ability to repay the students in several rounds of questioning, and even become the platform of "offline", by WeChat, QQ, Post Bar and other channels, recommend such loans to the side of the students.

"these people usually on campus haunts, for your teachers and classmates are very understanding, the event of default, is facing the risk of their own financial situation will reveal to the public, many students have to help parents finally to pay a huge penalty. "The student told the China economic weekly.

campus lending how to regulate

in an interview with reporters learned that the majority of college students using the campus lending is still used to meet their own shopping needs. In particular, some of the usual living standards of the students, in order to meet their own vanity and shopping desires, ignoring their actual repayment ability, so deep debt crisis.

in fact, the problem of excessive consumption of college students as early as 2009 has aroused concern. Prior to the prevalence of student credit card business frequent bad storm. In 2009, the CBRC issued a document to prohibit banks issuing credit cards to students under the age of 18, 18 years of age and older students to successfully apply for a credit card, must be approved by parents and two party without the prior written consent of the source of repayment.

and in April of this year, the Ministry of Education jointly issued the China Banking Regulatory Commission on strengthening the campus to strengthen the risk prevention and education and guidance of the work of education to guide the notice requirements, increase the supervision of non-performing loans network. The establishment of the campus network bad lending daily monitoring mechanism, pay close attention to the network lending business development situation on campus; campus network to establish a real-time early warning mechanism of bad loans; the establishment of the campus network lending response mechanism to deal with the bad. However, the reporter learned that the current regulatory and regulatory aspects of the campus lending is still close to the blank.

6 on the evening of 16 August, in the "net loan lending platform treasure of female college students' bare loan" event issued a statement on its official micro-blog pointed out that lending restrictions on lending to treasure 18 ~ 22 years old groups of College students. Lending treasure in the statement stressed that the platform set the highest borrowing rate for the year 24%, in line with the state law. High interest rates reported for both lenders and borrowers should be negotiated, bypassing the platform regulation, through the realization of "rebate", the platform can not be achieved. But until this time, the reporter on the lending platform through the application and the lender when the consultation, you can still see the annual interest rate of 30%.

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