Suspect Qing Dong hold baby shopping was shot nanny push baby car

Su Yan Qing Dong baby carriage nanny

fenghuangyule· 2016-06-28 06:54:28

China shopping network entertainment news June 28th, former

Qing Dong hug children, there are users in the micro-blog drying out photos of Qing Dong holding baby shopping. Photos, Dong Qingsu Yan out of the street, wearing a pony tail, the child in his arms, buy skin care products. This photo was taken very subtle, not captured children face. Qing Dong's mother was on the side.

revealed that users are buying skincare mall in Shanghai Qing Dong road. Photos, Qing Dong wearing glasses wearing a pony tail, wearing a plain denim skirt, a casual dress is very simple. Qing Dong's mother is also in the side of care, there is a nanny on the other side of the push baby car.

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