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The United States rocket engine China Soviet Union

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25, the Russian national space group issued a message that China and Russia have signed a space technology and intellectual property protection agreement. Russia's top officials and the media said in different ways, China and Russia are carrying out related to the introduction of China's Russian RD-180 rocket. Russian RD-180 rocket engine is a modern more advanced thrust rocket engine, its thrust of up to more than 400 tons. The engine is developed in accordance with the requirements of the United States, the United States after the export of the United states. At the same time, Russia's own "Angara rocket engine" model RD-191 is based on RD-180 development.

is ready for delivery in the United States RD-180 rocket engine

RD-180 is actually the original "Snowstorm" shuttle booster "energy" rocket main engine RD-170 the "half" version of

"" Russian satellite network 21 reported that the Russian ambassador Andre · Denisov day said: "we are considering the possibility of cooperation and Chinese friends delivered the RD-180 rocket engine, which will be part of their broader cooperation, this is just one example. In addition we are still heavy rocket design, space station and deep space exploration areas of cooperation. "

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin said in Moscow, Russia and China will sign the agreement on protection of intellectual property rights during President Putin's visit to china.

25, Russia's national aerospace group confirmed that the agreement has been signed. This agreement will pave the way for Russia to sell RD-180 rocket engines to china.

Chinese YF-100 engine combustion chamber of the engine thrust of 120 tons, the development of the reference object is thrust smaller "img_box" class= RD-120

Russian RD-191 engine combustion chamber thrust 200 tons, it is in fact RD-180 then halved, while RD-191 and YF-100 from the technical level and the specific impulse on and there is not much difference, but the thrust does have a larger gap, the introduction of this engine technology of rocket technology in China will have considerable help

many Russian media claimed that the China rocket Long March 7 the YF-100 engine is developed in 90s the introduction of Russian RD-120 engine based on. But in fact, RD-120 and YF-100 in the same place is limited to some technical principles, YF-100 as early as the introduction of RD-120 has begun to develop. Moreover, RD-120 is a kind of rocket second stage engine, and YF-100 of the thrust of a larger difference. In a sense, YF-100 and RD-120 have "blood", but not "cloning". YF-100 vacuum thrust of about 136 tons.

Soviet Union in the development of the same period with the development of the RD-170 RD-120 large thrust rocket engine, the engine is used for the "energy" large rocket 4 nozzle engine, the thrust of up to more than and 800 tons. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia and the United States, in accordance with the requirements of the United States, developed a 2 nozzle RD-180 engine, the thrust of the corresponding reduced to more than and 400 tons. But Russia's own use of the latest generation of "Angara rocket uses" RD-191 rocket actually can be regarded as the single nozzle version of RD-180, the thrust of more than and 200 tons.

should be said that the Russian media said YF-100 engine technology than RD-180 backward generation is not rigorous, in fact, they are the different branches of the Soviet rocket engine on the same level of technology.

America Rock Diane's design, it must be pointed out that some users often make mistakes, the United States and rocket technology overall than Russia to advanced, the original purchase of RD-180 is mainly at its low price

, however, for China, is unlikely to like the United States, a large number of direct purchase of RD-180 engine, and the engine as the main engine model of rocket. More likely to be the same as the original RD-120 engine, a small amount of purchase, analysis technology, to pave the way for the development of a new type of engine. China is currently planning to develop the Long March 9 giant rocket like RD-170 if it can get high thrust engines, will greatly speed up the development progress, the Rockets will be able to achieve a manned landing on the moon, Mars and deep space exploration and direct emission of large space station mission component. As for the Russian

related intellectual property protection agreement, the author believes that Russia is more likely to be RD-180 technology "pricing" to another way of expression of China, does not represent the original introduction of Chinese will use Russian engines.

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